David Brenner, Jewish Comedy Royalty, Dies At 78


David Brenner, a longtime standup comedian whose observational humor is credited with inspiring many top comics, has died.

Brenner, a Philadelphia native, died at his home in New York City on Saturday after battling cancer. He was 78.

David Brenner

"Girls" Creator Has Jewish-Camp Envy

Apparently Lena Dunham, as a teen, had to find neurotic summer activities other than well-planned kitchen raids at Camp Ramah.

At the risk of making too much of a brief reference on the HBO comedy "Girls," we report this tidbit about how the popular Conservative movement-run camp was written into the plot of this week's episode. It wasn't auto-biographical, though Dunham, creator, producer and star of the show, seems to wish otherwise.

Lena Dunham

‘Girls’: A Ramah-kable Reunion

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

Given the cost of a national advertising campaign or product placement, a mention on one of the most-talked about shows on cable is a pretty nice gift if it comes gratis.

But the folks at Camp Ramah, a network of facilities run by the Conservative movement, may not be kvelling over their inclusion in this week’s episode of HBO’s “Girls,” the chock-full-of-Jewish comedy about angst-ridden women in their early 20s trying to get a life in contemporary Manhattan.

Chance encounter leads to a fling for former campmates Shoshana (Zosia Mamet), center, and Matt (Skylar Astin) on “Girls.”

Yasher Koach, Ari Gold

Who would have figured that Ari Gold, the high-strung, foul-mouthed, Hollywood agent protrayed by Jeremy Piven on HBO's "The Entourage," would wind up offering us a lesson in priorities and family values? But that's what happened (SPOILER ALERT) in the series finale last night.

Ari and Melissa Gold will live happily ever after following their onscreen reconciliation -- or will they?

Violence and Israel: Yael Hedaya Responds

When HBO's third season of "In Treatment" premiered this week, one story line was that it lost its main writer, the Israeli novelist Yael Hedaya.  (To fans of the show, don't worry: Jhumpa Lahiri is her replacement.) The HBO version was really an adaptation, nearly verbatim, of the Israeli hit series Bi'Tipul, where Hedaya wrote some of the best shows.  Now in her mid-40s and still living in Israel, Hedaya is releasing her third novel in English translation this month, "Eden.&

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