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04/08/2015 | Editorial

Last week at the seders we asked The Four Questions. This week, in the wake of the framework agreement between the Western powers and Iran, Israel has submitted 10 questions to the U.S.-led negotiators that point out the dangers and gaps in the deal as it now stands.

04/01/2015 | Editorial

Wherever Jews live, they will be sitting down on Friday night to recall and commemorate their collective past as slaves in ancient Egypt. In the diaspora, we will hold a second seder, again making a spiritual connection to a history that began, as the rabbis emphasize, in the disgrace of servitude and beatings and infanticide, and ended in the triumph of exodus and redemption.

04/01/2015 | Editorial

It’s only fitting that the negotiations between the U.S. and Iran were extended to Wednesday, April Fools’ Day. Whatever the precise outcome, it seems clear that the Obama administration has invested far too much political and diplomatic capital in these talks, which have gone on for 18 months, to walk away from a deal. Despite Iran’s classic bargaining moves in the last few days, pulling back on previously agreed-on commitments, the administration would not be swayed. This comes as no surprise. The very notion that talks could take place between Iran and the West and exclude any discussion of the revolutionary Islamic regime’s role as the world’s leading exporter of terror was a non-starter.

03/25/2015 | Editorial

Words matter.”

That’s what White House press secretary Joshua Earnest said the other day in explaining why President Obama was coming down so hard on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for seeming to renege on his 2009 declaration in favor of a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

03/18/2015 | Editorial

Two competing visions emerged from the polls on Tuesday in Israel’s national parliamentary elections. One was about Us vs. Them, with an emphasis on fear of Them — whether Them was Iran, the Palestinians, Israel Arabs or the Israeli Left. That was the increasingly strident narrative of Prime Minister Netanyahu and it seemed to be effective as his Likud Party came from behind in the last few days of the campaign to tie or perhaps exceed the Zionist Union’s Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni.

03/18/2015 | Editorial

Overshadowed by this week’s parliamentary elections in Israel is another vote, also crucial to Jewish life in Israel and the diaspora, in which most Jews in this country can participate.