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For The Love Of Israeli Wines

Special To The Jewish Week
One red wine was  compared to a really great passionate kiss. Another was praised as earthy, like wet leaves, like the earth itself. Participants in the Israeli Wine Lovers Club are encouraged to share their reactions to the wines they taste, to speak about aromas, flavors, oakiness, acidity, balance and, mostly, how all of the above strikes their palettes.

‘To Do Chesed, Every Day’

Special To The Jewish Week
‘Jews don’t become nurses,” Meryl Collyns (then Greenblum) was told, when she expressed interest in nursing school as she was completing high school in Queens in the early 1970s. But she persisted and upon graduation got a job at Roosevelt Hospital, where she has worked for more than 30 years and now serves as director of nursing for maternal child health. When she began, she was one of three Jewish nurses in the hospital and recalls that her manager, a Seventh Day Adventist, was sympathetic to her scheduling needs around the Sabbath and holidays.

After 500 Years, A Return To Judaism

Miquel Seguara, a ‘Chueta’ descendant of Mallorcan Jews forced to convert, reclaims his heritage.

Special To The Jewish Week

More than five centuries after his ancestors were forced to convert to Catholicism, and more than 300 years after a relative was burned at the stake for secretly practicing Judaism, Miquel Segura of Mallorca, Spain, returned to the Jewish people.

Portrait Of The Artist As An Older Man

Jewish Week Book Critic

I would love William D. Kaufman’s stories even if he weren’t 95 and this wasn’t his first book.


Talk Of The Tribe

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Two Jews, 2,939 opinions. Other Jews’ opinions. Sandee Brawarsky and Deborah Mark, voracious readers and old friends from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, have collaborated on a book of quotations — 22 pounds of them — that more properly belongs with history tomes than with works of literature.
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