Richard Foltin

After Drilling Disappointment, Jewish Groups Look Forward


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Dismayed by or indifferent to the Obama administration's about-face embrace of off-shore drilling, Jewish groups are now focused on the bigger picture: an end to dependence on foreign oil and the development of cleaner energy sources.

Straight Talk About Jews And Immigration

Special To The Jewish Week

Defying conventional wisdom, a recent public opinion survey reveals an historic shift in American-Jewish opinion on immigration, marking the end of consensus on what seemed an iconic allegiance, absolute and immutable. The ascending trend is support for immigration law enforcement, not illegal immigration. Nostalgia for a mythologized past is being superseded by concern about America’s future.

Christian Right Agenda In Shambles After GOP Defeat


Editor At Large
For a man witnessing a debacle in real time, Rev. Louis Sheldon, a leader of the Christian Right political movement, sounded amazingly sanguine Tuesday night: even as an early AP exit poll indicated that almost one-third of white Evangelicals chose a Democrat for Congress. "We know that in America the people are with us," insisted the founder and chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, one of the largest groups in the Christian right. "They're just confused."
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