Zach Braff

Celebrity Jew-Off

It's Zach Braff vs. Kate Hudson in an MTV test of Jewdar and other MOT literacy skills. 

‘Wish’: Hits, And Misses

Zach Braff plays dreamer, family man in new film chock-full of Jewish references.

07/21/2014 - 20:00
Jewish Week Online Columnist

In “Wish I Was Here,” Zach Braff’s character, Aidan Bloom, has a question that many Jewish parents share. How am I going to pay the children’s yeshiva tuition?

An image from Braff's Kickstarter campaign, which helped finance the film. Via

Birthright Mega Event Comes To New York

Mayor Bloomberg, a surprise guest at Birthright Israel’s New York City Mega Event last night (May 4), tried to impress the sell-out audience at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater with his Hebrew, greeting them with “mah nishmah?” (loosely, “what’s up?”).

But he botched it by emphasizing the first rather than the second syllable in “nishmah.”

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