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Rising To New Heights

Washington Heights and Inwood experience a Jewish revival — and this time, young families are putting down roots.
09/24/2013 - 20:00
Staff Writer

A professor of geography, Enid Lotstein became interested in some new territory last year — in Manhattan.

After renting in Harlem for seven years, Lotstein, who lives with her teenage daughter, decided it was time to buy. They investigated a few neighborhoods: familiar Harlem, Hudson Heights in the western section of Washington Heights and Inwood, the northernmost part of the borough, just above Washington Heights.

Rabbi Herschel Hartz of the Inwood Jews organization does much of his programming in neighborhood parks. Michael Datikash

Are Rabbis Giving Up on Israel? A Provocative New Study

The Conservative movement recently conducted a survey of hundreds of its rabbis and the results are in: on the whole, they're as committed to Israel as they've ever been, although younger rabbis have more liberal views about the state than they've used to.  The purpose behind this survey is clear: to assure anxious Jewish leaders that, contra the skeptics, Israel remains as vital a part of Jewish life as ever.

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