Pluralistic Seminary Dedicates New Building

Staff Writer

The Academy of Jewish Religion, a pluralistic seminary, dedicated a new, 8,500-square foot teaching, library and administrative building on Jan. 27. It's proof, the academy says, that it's growing, and that pluralism is catching on.

 From left to right, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Chuck Lesnick, Ora Horn Prouser. Photo courtesy Academy of Jewish Religion

Meanwhile, In Yonkers, Israelis, Palestinians Meet

Carefully structured Dialogue Project aims to promote understanding on both sides.

Jewish Week Correspondent

As Israeli and Palestinian officials made preparations for this week’s showdown at the United Nations, a small group of Jews and Muslims gathered in Yonkers last week to sort through their own feelings and see if they could better understand the views of the other side.

Dialogue Project founder Marsha Kannry. Her events “are about people listening to narratives they never heard about each other.”
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