Israeli Yeshiva Students To Lose Stipends

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Tel Aviv — Israel must stop providing monthly living stipends to haredi Orthodox yeshiva students, the nation’s Supreme Court ruled.

Mass. Yeshiva Launches Last-Ditch Effort To Stay Open


A Chabad-affiliated yeshiva in Worcester, Mass., has launched a last-ditch effort to prevent its imminent closure.

‘Fifty Years Of History Destroyed In Minutes’

Yeshiva of Belle Harbor, Brighton Beach’s Mazel Day School suffer major damage in Sandy’s fury; other schools hit too.

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UPDATE (NOV. 4): The Jewish Week has learned that, at an emergency meeting on Saturday night, a group of parents and organizations pledged to keep the Yeshiva of Belle Harbor operating, from a new location in Brooklyn. The school will no longer merge with the Crown Heights Yeshiva, but will be an independent school. Leaders plan to secure a location and open school there in the next few days. More details to follow on Monday.


Floodwaters in the halls of Brooklyn’s Mazel Day School

To Yeshiva or Not, That is the Question

Special to the Jewish Week

Eleven years ago, when I got married- all heady from wedding gown fittings, arguments with the photographer and the fact my husband, a very secular Jew, agreed to celebrate our union in a most Orthodox, Jewish way -- the word “yeshiva” would not have been a blip on my radar screen.

If you had asked me whether or not I’d be inclined to send my kids to yeshiva, a haughty cackle would have emanated from deep in my throat: “no, are you crazy?”

Melissa Chapman

Israeli university students protest yeshiva stipend


JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Thousands of Israeli university students gathered in Jerusalem to protest a bill that would provide stipends to yeshiva students.

Up to 10,000 students from universities around the country arrived by chartered buses to the capital Monday evening for the protest march from the prime minister's official residence to Zion Square.

The protesters carried signs reading "We're not suckers" and "Haredim – go to work," and chanting slogans such as "Students are worth more" and "We're hungry for bread too."

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