The Choice Is Ours


The Talmud teaches, “Everything is in the hands of heaven except reverence for heaven (Berachot 33b).” In other words, there is much we do not choose in this world, but we do choose our posture toward what we are given. For a characteristically wise and elegant formulation of this, listen to the words of the superlative essayist, Joseph Epstein:

Against Capital Punishment


Regarding Jonathan Mark’s well-written article, “Sympathy For The Devil?” (March 5) about the effort to get Martin Grossman’s death sentence commuted and about his subsequent execution, I am completely in favor of any Jewish individual or organization or a person of any race or creed who sought to have the execution stayed.

Rabbi As Car Dealer


I try to treat my colleagues with respect, but I resent being compared to a Toyota salesman and I strongly suspect that God may not be fond of being compared to a Chelm story (“Toyota, Auschwitz and Chelm,” Opinion, Rabbi Joshua Hammerman).

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