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Transforming Jewish Teens Into Pro-Israel Leaders



Since its inception over 13 years ago, Write On For Israel has educated and empowered more than 500 top high school students from the greater New York area to become informed about world issues affecting Israel and campus leaders when in college. Write On For Israel is a special 2 year program, beginning for a student in the 11th grade. Applications are sought from high school sophomores.

Founded by Gary Rosenblatt, editor and publisher of The Jewish Week, Write On uses the lens of journalism to transform Jewish teens into confident spokespeople and opinion leaders in preparation for the challenges they will face at college and beyond.


On college campuses, students are faced with the activities of anti-Israel groups who put on public events—including but not limited to Israel Apartheid Week, where Israel is unfairly compared to racially segregated South Africa—to delegitimize Israel’s very existence. Inside the classroom, professors often criticize Israel’s conduct and policies or teach Middle East history from a position that is intellectually unbalanced.





Our goal is to give students the training and self-confidence to confront these detractors and to build support for Israel on campus through:

  • Studying Jewish history and current events as they relate to Israel and the conflict with the Palestinians and her other Arab neighbors.
  • 8-Day Mission to Israel during President's Week.  Apply now and be eligible for the trip in 2018.
  • Understanding Israel’s internal conflicts and security concerns.
  • Exploring journalism, media analysis as it relates to the Middle East and learning the importance of writing to advance Israel’s positions.
  • Practicing Israel advocacy skills, from debating and public speaking, to organizing informational campaigns.
  • Relationship building, with peers, professors, student leaders on campus, representatives of leading Jewish organizations and others.
  Esteemed speakers addressing students in the Write On program include:  
  Gary Rosenblatt,editor and publisher of The Jewish Week, Speaking to Write On students Mark Regev, spokeman for the Prime Minister of Israel Brett Stephens, Wall Street Journal Students at Kraft Center, Columbia University at a Sunday hands on workshop  
  Gary Rosenblatt,editor and publisher of
The Jewish Week,

Speaking to Write On
Mark Regev, spokeman
for the Prime Minister of Israel
Bret Stephens,
Wall Street Journal
 Students at Kraft Center,
Columbia University at a
Sunday hands on workshop

According to our research and follow-up, WOFI graduates demonstrate a markedly increased level of knowledge about Israel, sophisticated writing, research, and debate skills with regard to Israel and above all, a greater sense of commitment towards the Jewish state. To our knowledge, no other program offers this kind of discussion, skill building and group bonding activities that effectively inspires and transforms the next generation of young Jewish leaders.

Write On is a diverse program drawing from public, private and Jewish day schools.  Because our students learn and travel to Israel with students from different Jewish backgrounds, they become familiar with teens who express their Judaism in different ways.  The results have been extremely positive and reaffirming:  that no matter one’s level of religious observance or political background, we all share a mutual commitment to Israel.

To apply for the Class 2018, you must be in 11th grade by the Fall of 2016.

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Deadline for applications has been extended until Monday, May 30, 2016

Students accepted to Write On For Israel will be asked to pay $2,500 towards the cost of the two-year program, including the senior trip to Israel.

There is a fixed payment plan available that sets forth a schedule of dates and amounts due. For information about this, email Lynn Oxenberg at lynn@jewishweek.org. Scholarships are available.

For additional information, please email Linda Scherzer.

  The 2016 Write On For Israel Graduates at the graduation ceremony in NYC, June 2016. Judah S. Harris
  The 2016 Write On For Israel Graduates at the graduation ceremony in NYC,
June 2016. Judah S. Harris