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A Villa In The Jungle

Ehud Yaari Deconstructs Israel’s Situation in Today’s Middle East.

03/03/2016 - 12:47
Write On For Israel

Ehud Yaari characterizes his friend Bernard Lewis, the eminent scholar of the Middle East, as possessing “this ability to see into the future.” Over a recent dinner in Israel, Yaari asked Lewis what he thought the Middle East would look like in fifty years. Without hesitating, Lewis leaned over the table and said decisively, “Any Arab who can will be out of here.”

Write On students meet Ehud Yaari

Israel Saving Lives, One Child At A Time

02/29/2016 - 13:14
Write On For Israel

Holon, Israel - Under the watchful eyes of six African children, all who had recently undergone heart surgery, the students of Write On For Israel filed into their children’s home, ready to play.  

Write On For Israel Students volunteering at the Save A Child's Heart Foundation. JW/Linda Scherzer

IDF Lone Soldiers: The Road Less Travelled

02/23/2016 - 16:05
Write On For Israel

A shout pierced the air, and our eyes widened, trying to make out the approaching shapes in the distance. Shadows swirled through the smoke like ghosts, until the dark shapes finally burst through the smoky haze and into the pale light of the street lamps, revealing exhausted but triumphant, chanting soldiers. Some of the soldiers donned crow masks, representing their unit: Aref (crow). Their enthusiasm was infectious, and we found ourselves cheering them on as they sprinted past us, exerting their greatest effort in these last steps. 

The Write On For Israel students visiting IDF soldiers on their last day of training. JW/Linda Scherzer

Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson Peter Lerner’s Guide To Combat Israel’s Media Relations

02/23/2016 - 15:52
Write On For Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel- IDF Spokesman Peter Lerner spoke eloquently about his ideals on Monday, February 15th to a group of 43 students in the Write On For Israel program, seven of them from MetroWest. He opened his speech with a brief explanation of the role of the spokespersons unit in ensuring good public relations between the international community and the IDF.

Write On For Israel students hear from IDF Spokesman, Peter Lerner. Linda Scherzer/JW

Reflections From A Write On For Israel Participant

Reflections from Yoni Nirenberg, from Rambam Mesivta High School, as he begins his Write On For Israel trip.

02/23/2016 - 15:29
Write On For Israel

Traveling to the modern day state of the Jewish People; Israel, on their very own airline is a magnificent view. As I look around the flight, the passengers; the majority of whom are from different Jewish backgrounds, are sitting together bound for the same destination. Some are on this flight because they are on their way home, while others are going as visitors. Among the hundreds of people bound for Tel Aviv are the 43 students of Write On For Israel.

Write On For Israel students volunteering at Save A Children's Heart. JW/Linda Scherzer

Write On Graduates Making Their Mark On Campus

06/22/2015 - 20:00

Four college students, alumni of The Jewish Week’s Write On For Israel educational project, were honored for their pro-Israel leadership on campus at Write On’s 2015 graduation ceremonies June 11 at Park Avenue Synagogue.

Photo By Michael Datikash

How 'Write On For Israel' Breaks Stereotypes

05/27/2015 - 20:00

One of the goals of The Jewish Week’s Write On For Israel program for high school juniors and seniors is to break some of the stereotypes they’ve heard or read about regarding Israel and the Mideast conflict. It’s important for students to have an accurate picture of Israel before they head off to college, where they are likely to be challenged about Israel and its policies.

Write On Students Experience Israel

02/23/2015 - 19:00
Editor And Publisher

Yonah Yesowitz, a senior at Union County Magnet High School in Springfield, N.J., said the just-completed nine-day Write On For Israel trip to the Jewish state left him “eager to get involved within the Jewish community and to advocate for my homeland on college campuses.”

Photo by Linda Scherzer

Teaching Young People To Get To Know Israel

10/13/2014 - 20:00
Editor And Publisher

Tuvia Book, the new core educator for Write On For Israel, The Jewish Week program that educates students about modern Israel in advance of their college years, has lost count of how many teen and young adult tours to Israel he has led. He may well be the longest-serving Birthright Israel tour guide, dating back to the pilot program in December 1999. And as part of his work in Jewish education, both formal and informal, he has climbed Masada more than 200 times. It’s never routine, though, because “I get to see it each time through the eyes of those who are there for the first time,” he says.

Tuvia Book: The key to countering anti-Israel propaganda on campus “is to be proactive, not reactive.”

Israel's PR War

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bret Stephens talks about the threats to Israel, and its world image, at a JW forum.

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