For "Write On for Israel," MetroWest, NJ, CLASS OF 2014


Qualified high school juniors are invited to apply for the fellowship. 
Applications will be accepted until Friday, September 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM.

Click here for the application.

The application asked you to upload a number of items:

•    Two letters of recommendation
•    Your academic transcript
•    Newspaper articles (if you’ve written)
•    Two essays (topics are below as well as on the application)
•    A recent photo of yourself


Please be sure you have these items accessible. The application cannot be saved and edited.
You are asked to choose one topic from each of the two categories, and write an essay of not less than 500 words.
The topics are as follows:

Category One: Analysis:

1.The Media and the Middle East: Biased or Balanced?

2. Detractors of Israel are gearing up for “Israel Apartheid Week” on campus, an annual event that compares racist laws against blacks under apartheid South Africa with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Write a letter to the editor of your school newspaper explaining why this analogy is historically inaccurate.

3. Iran does not pose an existential threat to the State of Israel. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

4. Write an op-ed (opinion piece) for your school newspaper defending Israel’s actions during Operation Cast Lead, the 2009 war against Hamas in Gaza.

Category Two: Personal:

1.What Israel means to me

2.The book that has most influenced my life

4.Why I want to take part in the “Write On For Israel” program?

Other questions ask about past trips to Israel, your extracurricular activities, and school sports, among other things.
Please keep your answers succinct and on point.

Attaching the additional items:
If you cannot attach an item that the application asks for, you may email it to Linda Scherzer with the subject as follows: Applicant Reference Letter, along with your first and last name.

If email is impossible as well, you may mail it to:

Write On For Israel- MetroWest, NJ program
Linda Scherzer
PO Box 366
Closter NJ 07624
If you are mailing anything, email Linda Scherzer to inform her as to what to expect.

All additional materials are due on or by the application deadline, noted above.
Please report any problems with the application to Thea Wieseltier.

Thank you and much success.