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Toward A More Perfect Union

Rabbi Uri Regev has been on a crusade to make Israel a more religiously equitable country. A lot of forces are lined up against him, but he sees some change in the wind.

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Rabbi Uri Regev is president and CEO of Hiddush-Freedom of Religion for Israel, a group founded in 2009 to promote religious liberty and equality in Israel. He was also a founding chair and executive director of the Reform movement’s Israel Religious Action Center and president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

Uri Regev

Ra’anana Rabbis Condemn Attack on Reform Synagogue


JERUSALEM (JTA) – Some 14 Orthodox rabbis and public figures from the central Israel city of Ra'anana signed a letter condemning an attack on a Reform synagogue in the city.

Signers of the letter released Sunday include Ra'anana Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz.

The World Union for Progressive Judaism also condemned the April 14 attack, the third time the Raanan Synagogue has been vandalized in the last year.

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