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How Maor Met Eliav

Jewish Week Online Columnist

He followed her to Los Angeles. She followed him to Jerusalem.

Maor and Eliav’s wedding was Israeli, American, Jewish, outdoorsy and hip. Elliot Glassenberg

Full-Court Press: Jerusalem Center Aims To Be Top Journalist Hangout

Uri Dromi wants to give foreign reporters a place to work, have a drink and meet ‘warm Israelis.’ He's building it with help from Leona Helmsley's foundation.

Assistant Managing Editor

JERUSALEM -- Where most people would see the shell of an old restaurant on a hill overlooking Mount Zion, Uri Dromi sees a place where visiting international scribes can have a scotch with the best and brightest of Israeli society.

Uri Dromi: Former air force colonel wants to put Israel's relationship with media on a higher plane. (Photo by Chris Leppek)
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