Vice President Joe Biden

‘We Have An Important Seat At The Table’

Biden to appear at J Street’s annual conference as liberal lobby strives to become part of the establishment.

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Washington — The story that this year’s J Street conference schedule tells is, typically enough, about getting Israel and the Palestinians to a two-state solution.

Jeremy Ben-Ami

At AIPAC, Pledges Of ‘No Daylight,’ But Worries About The Gaps

VP Biden and others vow unyielding support for Israel, but would U.S. take military action against Iran?

Editor and Publisher

Israel is imperiled, facing an existential threat from Iran, caught up in a rapidly and dramatically changing Mideast that is becoming more dangerous every day, and fighting an insidious international delegitimization battle.

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat of New Jersey, addresses AIPAC on March 5. Getty Images
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