Tzipi Livni

Livni Says Israel Should Freeze Settlement Building


(JTA) -- Israel should have instituted a second settlement building freeze in exchange for U.S. guarantees, Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni said on ABC News.

WikiLeaks Reveals Secrets, Backroom Dealmaking—and Cluelessness


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- A careful reading of the WikiLeaks trove of State Department cables -- which is laying bare some 250,000 secret dispatches detailing private conversations, assessments and dealmaking of U.S. diplomats -- reveals a notable if perhaps surprising pattern: how often they get things wrong.

Again and again the cables show diplomats, lawmakers and heads of state predicting outcomes that never come to pass.

Livni Now Pressing Israel-Diaspora Gap Issue

Kadima leader looking to widen support for centrist party with natural U.S. constituency.

Editor And Publisher

 This week I had the unique experience of spending an hour and a half with a leading Israeli politician who never made reference to the peace process, the threat from Iran or a pitch for support. 

Gary Rosenblatt
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