Four Species OK For Air Travel, Says TSA


Plants used for Sukkot can be carried on an airplane, the Transportation Security Administration said.

The TSA, which is a part of the U.S. Homeland Security Department, said it will allow palm branches, myrtle twigs, willow twigs and citrons in airports, through security checkpoints and on airplanes. The items and the people carrying them must go through security screenings; the items are not on any prohibited list.

Agudah Pleased With Modified TSA Body Scanners


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Agudath Israel of America commended the Transportation Safety Administration for its new scanner technology that obscures details of passengers' bodies.

"We are a community that is particularly sensitive to the threat of terrorism and the need for strict security measures,” Rabbi Abba Cohen, the haredi Orthodox group's Washington director, said in a statement Thursday, “but we were convinced that, with perseverance, both religious concerns and security issues could be accommodated."

Tefillin Panic: Comedian Joel Chasnoff Gets the TSA Treatment

 Joel Chasnoff is a stand-up comedian and writer with stage and screen credits in eight countries, and author of the comic memoir The 188th Crybaby Brigade (Simon and Schuster), about his year as a combat soldier in the Israeli Army

Airport Screenings and Jewish Ethics

Special to the Jewish Week

Q. Has airport security crossed the line? Things were far less complicated back when only Superman had X-ray vision. As long as we stayed clear of the Daily Planet, we were in the clear. Now, with the new airport security measures, nothing is hidden anymore - not even our privates are private. Is this a good thing?

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

Groping for an answer on airport security

I'm a little on the ambivalent side when it comes to new TSA security procedures.

I”m not all that fussed about airport scanners; I've been through a few and it's no big deal, so I don't plan to opt out and get groped by some TSA screener who's justifiably frustrated and angry about being abused by angry travelers.

What bothers me is what this new airport security regimen may tell us about TSA leaders.

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