Tikkun Editor Michael Lerner’s Home Attacked Again


(JTA) -- The northern California home of Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the progressive Tikkun magazine, was vandalized for the third time in less than a year.

Tuesday's attack came a day after Lerner presented the Tikkun Award for ethics to South African Justice Richard Goldstone at a celebration of Tikkun’s 25th anniversary attended by more than 600 people at the University of California, Berkeley.

A Liberal Lion In Autumn

As Tikkun turns 25, Michael Lerner looks back.

Associate Editor

Revolutions belong to the young, and Michael Lerner is growing old. Tikkun, the magazine he founded and still edits, turns 25, as he turns 68. He wonders how long he can keep doing this.

Rabbi Michael Lerner: “Tikkun is unapologetically utopian.”
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