Terrorist attack

Melbourne Jewish Community Warned Of Potential Attack


The Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia, is at a heightened risk of attack, a Jewish communal security agency said.

One Day Later, Jews In Har Nof Return to Prayer

After an attack that left five dead, services resume. Regaining normalcy is the goal.

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One day after the attack on Bnei Torah synagogue in Har Nof that left five dead and seven injured, some in critical condition, about 30 worshippers returned to the synagogue Wednesday morning to resume prayer services. 

Kehilat Bnei Torah in Har Nof, Jerusalem. Friends of Kehilat Bnei Torah

Bulgarian Jewish Leader Helped In Bombing Aftermath

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As stunned and grieving families buried Friday the five Israelis killed in Wednesday’s terror attack in Bulgaria, authorities were still trying to learn the suicide bomber’s identity.

Rocket From Sinai Hits Eilat


A long-range Grad rocket fired from Egypt hit near a residential area in Eilat.

The rocket fired from the Sinai Peninsula exploded in the resort town in southern Israel early Thursday morning. No injuries were reported. The rocket landed in a construction site, according to reports.

Three explosions were heard in the city, but the other two rockets have not been located, according to reports. Eilat residents and tourists flooded the police and other emergency numbers with concerned calls.

Before The Peace Talks, A Terrorist Attack

Hebron shooting of four settlers seen as attempt to derail negotiations; Israelis say it highlights security needs.

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It was no coincidence that the terror attack Tuesday in which four Israelis were ambushed in the West Bank and shot dead at point-blank range in their car occurred just two days before direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks were to begin in Washington after a 20-month hiatus.

That was the view of Jonathan Peled, a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington, moments after news of the slayings flashed across Israeli newspaper websites.

Israeli police inspect the car of settlers who were ambushed and killed Tuesday by Palestinian gunmen near Kiryat Arba.
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