Temple Mount

Once Again, Pressure Mounting On The Temple Mount

Issues of control, access sparking new round of disturbances.

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Jerusalem — Israeli and foreign tourist groups milled about the Western Wall plaza, taking advantage of a break in the late-summer heat one day before the start of Yom Kippur. For the unfamiliar, the plaza seemed sufficiently lively midway through the Jewish High Holiday season.

Israeli police have tightened security this week in Jerusalem’s Old City amid tensions over control of the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount Myth That Refuses To Die For The Arabs

Spurious claims that Israel has ‘plans’ to change the status quo is a well-orchestrated libel.

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The scenes in and around Jerusalem have been tragic and chilling. A man is buried after his life is suddenly cut short by a rock attack as he drove home from a Rosh HaShanah meal. Molotov cocktails are thrown at Israeli targets. And the sacred Muslim site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is transformed into a base for the stockpiling of weapons to attack Jews.

Muslims pray on the Temple Mount in June during the month of Ramadan. Getty Images

U.N. Can’t Even Say ‘Temple Mount’

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There’s a kind of parlor game in pro-Israel circles, one usually accompanied by a player’s roll of the eyes or knowing sigh: How unfair to Israel can the United Nations be?

What’s in a holy name? U.N. references Haram al-Sharif, but not Temple Mount, in Security Council resolution. Getty Images

Overlapping Holidays Prompt Jerusalem Activists To Work On Overcoming Divisions


Jerusalem - An interfaith group gathered in a private home Monday (Sept. 21) to head off potential tensions over how Jews and Muslims celebrate Yom Kippur and Eid al-Adha, two holidays that overlap this year.

An interfaith group gathered in a private home on Sept. 21, 2015. JTA

Relative Quiet Returns To Temple Mount


Relative quiet returned to the Temple Mount following three days of violence and clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters.

Relative Quiet Returns To Temple Mount Following 3 Days Of Violence


Jerusalem — Relative quiet returned to the Temple Mount following three days of violence and clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters.

Israeli police blocking Palestinian worshippers and protesters in the Old City of Jerusalem during riots. JTA

Western Wall Rabbi Accuses Waqf Of Incitement Over Restrooms Expansion


Jerusalem — The rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, condemned as “incitement” attempts by the Muslim Waqf to politicize the expansion of restrooms at the site.

Jordan To Return Ambassador To Israel


Jerusalem — Jordan will return its ambassador to Israel three months after withdrawing the envoy over tensions on the Temple Mount.

Fueling Fires Of Hatred

If Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas mean it when they say they don’t want to see a Third Intifada, why does it look like that is exactly where they are headed? 

Each leader repeatedly accuses the other of incitement, often with good cause.  Their protestations of purity and innocence as the injured party would be a joke if so many people weren’t being killed and injured on both sides.

Can Only A Beheading Evoke Horror Today?


Amidst the shock and repulsion over the attack on a Jerusalem synagogue this week, and the murder of at least four men at morning prayer by two young Arabs, is the sad realization that the tragedy does not resonate fully outside of Israel and the Jewish world.

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