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At Least 12 Injured, Four Critically, In Stabbing Spree On Tel Aviv Bus


Tel Aviv — At least 12 people were wounded, some seriously, when a Palestinian man stabbed passengers and the driver on a Tel Aviv bus.

The Kardashians Take Tel Aviv

The Kardashian sisters swear by a different (older) bible.

Blueprint Editor

Madonna's Kabbalah craze is old (Testament) news. Many non-Jews followed in Mo's spiritual steps since she first donned the thin red bracelet years ago, and Hollywood's fascination with the faith of so many famous agents continues to grow.

Israeli Soldier Stabbed In Tel Aviv By Palestinian Assailant


Jerusalem — An Israeli soldier was stabbed and seriously injured near a Tel Aviv train station in a terror attack.

Israel Intercepts Rockets Fired At Tel Aviv, Dimona


Jerusalem — Israel’s Iron Dome system intercepted rockets fired at the heavily populated Tel Aviv area and at Dimona, which houses a nuclear reactor.

Satisfaction For Israeli Stones Fans: Band Has Arrived


JERUSALEM — The Rolling Stones arrived in Israel two days before their scheduled Tel Aviv concert.

Tel Aviv Makes Top 10 In ‘Selfiest Cities’ List


Tel Aviv has the sixth-most selfie-takers per capita of any major city, according to a ranking in Time magazine.

A Virtual Tour Of Tel Aviv Architecture

A graphic artist’s search for a new apartment in Tel Aviv has resulted in a spectacular new website documenting some of the White City’s most distinctive buildings.

Avner Gicelter, 44 Balfour Street.

Miley Cyrus To Play Israel


Bust out the foam fingers, Israel! Yep, Miley Cyrus is coming to town.

The large-tongued woman who got the term twerking into the Oxford Dictionary and lit up a joint at the recent MTV awards in Amsterdam will perform in the Holy Land this summer, Channel 2 reports.

The joint will be jumping when Miley Cyrus plays Israel. Getty Images

Rihana Defies BDS, Plays Tel Aviv


Rihanna sang before a crowd of 50,000 in Tel Aviv at Israel’s largest performance venue, Yarkon Park.

Fans paid $100 and up for Tuesday’s show, part of the pop star’s “Diamonds” world tour and her second performance in Israel. She played Israel three years ago.

Tel Aviv U Professor Shares Nobel


Francois Englert, a Belgian Jewish professor at Tel Aviv University and a Holocaust survivor, shared the Nobel Prize in physics.

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