Senate letter slams Goldstone Gaza report

Congress is getting into the “whack-a-Goldstone” game, thanks to an aggressive push by AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby.

This week a Senate lettter gathered 32 signatures – not up to AIPAC’s usual standards, but nothing to sneeze at, either – on a letter that commended the administration for “criticizing the one-sided mandate directing the Goldstone report and highlighting the real causes of the war betweeen Israel and Hamas.”

Lulav Ltd.

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

As holiday rituals go, Sukkot has more than its fair share.

In addition to prayer for dew, the ushpizin and of course the blessing of the four species, I’ve added one of my own.

If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem ...

Editor and Publisher
We American Jews are always complaining that Israel does a lousy job of hasbara (public relations/propaganda). I beg to differ.

Time To Act On Continuity Studies

Editor and Publisher
Anyone who has been reading about the state of American Jewish life lately — the numerous studies showing that younger people feel increasingly distant from Israel, synagogues, federations, organizations and a sense of peoplehood — should recognize the name Steven M. Cohen. As a leading sociologist of American Jewry, he has authored or co-authored at least seven important reports or articles in the last year and a half describing the crisis the community faces in transmitting its Jewish values from this generation to the next.

A Renewed Emphasis On Shabbat

Editor and Publisher
I remember as a teenager in Baltimore stopping into a Reform temple on Shabbat morning out of curiosity, having never attended a Reform service, and being asked to remove my kipa before entering the sanctuary. Times have changed.

Highlights (And Mostly Lowlights) Of 2007

Editor and Publisher
Let’s try a little end-of-the-year game.   I’ll mention a name or phrase, and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Ready? Walt-Mearsheimer. Jimmy Carter. Ahmadinejad at Columbia. How about: Hamas. Sderot. 1939. Too easy? Alvin Rosenfeld. Tony Judt. Norman Finkelstein. I think you get the picture.

Where The Boys Aren’t

Editor and Publisher
Is it fair to trace our communal challenges of intermarriage, assimilation and lack of affiliation back to boys losing interest in Jewish life after their bar mitzvah celebrations? You could make the case that since non-Orthodox young men drop out of Jewish religious and educational activities at a far higher rate than girls, and intermarry at a higher rate than Jewish women, we need to find a way to involve and inspire boys Jewishly at an early age. And then presto, the worrisome decline in our numbers and affiliation would be reversed.

Halachah Has Its Ups and Downs

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Knocking On The Roof: A Briefing From The IDF On Gaza And Civilians

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Imagine getting a phone call from an advancing army warning you to get out of the area.


Or getting a “knock on the roof,” in the form of a dummy bomb dropped from a military plane, warning you that the terrorist hiding in your building has been targeted, and the next bomb will be real.


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