Costume Guilt

My ultra-Orthodox ancestors, who clung to their faith in Ukraine despite all the adversity that entailed, are probably turning over in their graves. One of their descendants went to school today in a costume. On Erev Halloween.

Cuomo, Paladino and The Jewish Vote

It's rare for people who finance their own campaigns to win elections, and one reason is that they often don't spend their cash wisely. If you had millions to splurge on an uphill run for governor, as Carl Paladino does,  you might want to get some reliable demographic data about the state and hire a few advisors who specialize in familiarity and access to key constituent groups.

The Jewish Week Interviews Attorney General-Elect Eric Schneiderman

State Sen. Eric Schneiderman discusses his campaign for attorney general, school vouchers, Albany scandals, Al Sharpton and more in an interview with The Jewish Week's Adam Dickt

New York's Hot Race: A Vote For Schneiderman Is A Vote For Sharpton

To some, there is nothing worse in this year's election than the Tea Party candidates who have emerged out of nowhere, as if all Republican candidates are that, and they're not.

Republican Dan Donovan, Staten Island's DA who's running for state attoney general, is as sober, experienced and trustworthy as anyone on the New York ballot.

"Medical emergency on board"

The Jewish Week caught up with Sharon two months into her aliyah journey. To read about her adventures from the beginning, click here.

 “Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to have a medical emergency on board. If there’s anyone with any medical experience, please notify us.”

This was certainly not the highlight of my weekend in New Jersey for Michelle’s wedding, but it was certainly surprising. But the Continental PA system blasted that announcement as we veered over Iceland on the way back to Tel Aviv, and I wished that one of my parents was on board to assist the passenger. At least there were two nurses sitting by that I know of, one next to me.

About 15 minutes after the announcement, the nurse next to me came back to her seat and said that the passenger was an elderly woman, quite pale and nauseous with an oxygen mask strapped around her face. She was probably in her late 70s or early 80s, my seat partner estimated, adding that the men around her had lain her down across a row of seats. She hadn’t been feeling well all morning.

Cantor's foreign aid proposal: would it reopen the debate over Israel's (big) piece of the pie?

Rep. Eric Cantor's proposal to separate Israel's U.S. aid from the overall foreign aid appropriations process may get support from some GOP colleagues eager to put the Democratic administration and congressional Democrats on the spot, but you can bet it's going to make pro-Israel leaders here nervous.

The unilateral Palestinian statehood gambit: isn't this a rerun?

Jewish leaders are suddenly in a frenzy about the possibility the Palestinians may go to the United Nations and seek approval for a unilateral declaration of independence, and well they should be; such a move would put Israel in an impossible position without doing anything to really resolve the conflict.

But haven't we seen this movie before?

Does Anyone Have the Guidebook on the Israeli Male?

I’m a bit weak in the knees for a film critic named Uri Klein.

I mean, the guy’s a genius. An absolute, honest to Hashem genius.

Election Day: One Party Will Protect Me, One Party Won't


Here's something to think about on Election Day. One party is Congress is almost always for Israel, one is not. Guess which?

The Latest News On That Divorce Case From Hell

Joseph Reyes, aka The Divorced Catholic-Jewish-Catholic Dad Who Takes His Daughter To Church (and sends me angry comments periodically) no longer has to worry about going to jail.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, a Cook County judge found Reyes, an Afghanistan war veteran and law student, not guilty of violating a court order when he took 3-year-old Ela and a television crew to Holy Name Cathedral in January.

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