Dumbing Down The Congress

The alt-right news site has denounced Speaker Paul Ryan (R-IL) as a secret Hillary Clinton agent for not doing enough to support Donald Trump's presidential campaign and wants to see him dumped.

Dumbing Down The Congress

The alt-right news site has denounced Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) as a secret Hillary Clinton agent for not doing enough to support Donald Trump's presidential campaign and wants to see him dumped.

Campaigning With My Son

I’ve never been active in politics beyond the local level. However this year, knowing all that is at stake for our country, I’ve felt increasingly drawn to share information, donate money, post yard signs, and make phone calls. And yet, with election day approaching, I felt like I haven’t done enough.

We were sitting at dinner last Tuesday night, talking about the upcoming weekend, tossing around ideas about how to fill some unplanned hours on Saturday. “It would be kind of cool to go to New Hampshire and canvass for Hillary Clinton,” I said casually, not even sure if I wanted to go. 

The author and her son campaigning. Courtesy of Alison A Lobron

Trump's Fallback Job

Donald Trump wants to run the country but if he loses on Tuesday, what can he do next if he doesn't want to go back to his troubled real estate empire?

Initially, at least, he will be all over cable TV bleating, "I was robbed," attacking everyone he felt didn't give him the proper respect and support and threatening to sue any and all in his pursuit of revenge.

One of those likely to come in for special attention is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who he particularly dislikes. 

Two Philips And A President

In the height of election season, Hauser & Wirth reminds viewers of an earlier era of presidential politics.

Philip Guston, Untitled, 1971. Ink on paper. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth

As A Disabled Person, I Implore You Not To Vote For Trump

Imagine seeing the potential next President of the United States mock a person with your disability. Imagine feeling like this individual, someone who may just be the next leader of your country, has complete and utter disrespect for your community. Imagine worrying each and every day that if a certain candidate is elected, your entire life could change for the worse. This might sound exaggerated and dramatic, but for me and others with disabilities, this is reality.

Robyn Powell

FBI's Comey May Be A Big Loser Tuesday

Whoever wins Tuesday's election, a big loser could be FBI Director James Comey. Not since J. Edgar Hoover has anyone done as much damage to bureau's reputation as Comey.

His plunge into the presidential campaign with unsubstantiated charges coupled with malicious anti-Clinton leaks from some of his rogue agents just days before the election has the odor of intentional interference.

Adelson & KKK endorse Trump

What do Sheldon Adelson and the Ku Klux Klan have in common?  Their newspapers are among the very few that have endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Adelson's Las Vegas Review Journal was joined last week by the KKK's The Crusader. 

Trump Plays Jerusalem Card, Cautiously

Donald Trump's real estate and bankruptcy lawyers who double as his Israel policy advisors published an article this week saying if the real estate mogul becomes president he will move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, "the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state."

Beyond The Presidential Election: State Voting Guide And Disability Issues

Editor's Note: As the election draws near, we wanted to share this important new guide to state elections created by RespectAbility.

While the presidential election has taken up much of the news cycle, attention also is shifting to who will control the Senate. As such, RespectAbility has reached out to candidates running for Senate as well as Governor in the 2016 elections with the #PwDsVote Disability Campaign Questionnaire for Senate and Gubernatorial Candidates for people with disabilities.

RespectAbility, founded in 2013, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to end stigmas and advance opportunities for people with disabilities. Utilizing candidate responses to both the down ballot and presidential campaign questionnaires, RespectAbility has released 51 state voter guides.

RespectAbility Voter Guide. Courtesy of RespectAbilityUSA
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