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Women To Strut Their Stuff In Beit Shemesh


The Israeli town of Beit Shemesh will hold a SlutWalk later this month.

Inspired by the series of demonstrations that have proliferated in North America in the past year, in which scantily clad women take to the streets to protest sexual violence and a “blame the victim” mentality, the Beit Shemesh organizers plan to reveal their necks and ankles, and are even considering wearing skirts and dresses that are not black.

Controversial Charter School Set To Open


Brooklyn—A new Jewish charter school plans to open here this September despite numerous community objections.

The school, formally known as The Nonsectarian, Egalitarian, All-Inclusive, Bipartisan, and Just a Little Bit Jewish Academy, has been nicknamed BJ, for Barely Jewish, and granted accreditation by the New York State Board of Regents.

Drunken Noah Arrested; Runs Ark Cruise Ship Aground


A huge cruise ship carrying thousands of passengers, mostly animals with a handful of overworked human crew members, ran aground off the coast of Turkey late last week amidst heavy rains.  .

The ship’s captain, Noah Fonzierelli, was seen in a life boat — witnesses say he jumped in, he maintains he was pushed — about ten minutes after the ship began to take on water. 

Accident  of Biblical proportions:  Captain Noah off course.

Israelis Storm Hollywood (Not In A Good Way)


Hollywood – Israeli tanks continue to surround the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences here in a confrontation that began on Oscar Night after the acclaimed film “Footnote” was the latest Israeli offering to be denied an award for Best Foreign Film.

“To make things worse, they gave it to the fakakhta Iranians,” said Israeli President Shimon Peres during an appearance on The View in which he reportedly wooed both Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, ignoring Barbara Walters.

Tanks for the memory: Israeli soldiers remain encamped at scene of Oscars, demanding award for Best Foreign Film.

Has ‘Tough Love’ Editor Gone Too Far?


Gary Rosenblatt, the controversial Jewish Week editor both praised and condemned for his kiss-the-tzitzit-and-tell reporting, has apparently used unorthodox methods to discipline employees for poor grammar over an extended period of time, it has been learned.

Reportedly, in early 2005, he slapped a young journalist for dangling his participles, and later that year publicly humiliated another for splitting her gerunds. 

Exhibit A: This AP Manual was one of several journalism reference books  Jewish Week editor Rosenblatt reportedly made writers

Haredi Community Feared Producing ‘Dirty’ Bombs


Beit Shemesh, Israel –Security officials here are deeply concerned about an increase in the sales of Ex Lax chocolate laxative in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Ramat Bet Shemesh, suspecting that the community is engaged in a secret program to develop a weapons-grade diaper for use against immodestly dressed women and their supporters.

Baby power: Diapers, like the one worn by this junior terrorist, are seen as a threat to non-haredim in Beit Shemesh.

U.S., Israel Announce Plans For Secret Attack On Iran


Washington – President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu held a joint press conference today to announce that they will join in a major military offensive against nuclear sites in Iran on May 28, the day before pop star Madonna is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv.

Announcing their engagement: Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama.


Purim Spoof 2011


How I Met Your Mother – Sitcom filmed entirely on the steps of Cong. OZ on the Upper West Side after Sabbath services. Gentile crew.
House – Lovable, 75-year-old general practitioner insists on making house calls to his ailing patients and is expelled from the AMA, shunned by his fellow physicians and ends up attempting suicide by swallowing a bottle of placebos

At The Movies

Purim Spoof 2011


The King's Peach – Achashverosh chooses Esther
The Social Not Work – Kollel guys join Facebook
Black Hat Swan – Yeshiva boy turns ballet dancer.
True Brit – Israel debates who is a Jew
Winter’s Shankbone – Pesach comes early
127 Hours – Shabbos ends late
The Kiddush Fighter – Congregant pushes
toward food table after services
The Kids Are All to the Right – Children
return from their gap year in Israel

In The Theaters

Purim Spoof 2011


Adam’s Family – The first couple is evicted from Eden
American Yidiot – Jews with a goyishe kup
The Book of Maimon – Rambam
gets published
Chrain – Tribute to the rock band Gefilte Phish
Minyan-Man: Turn Off the Lights –
Life of a synagogue shammes
The Merchant of Venison –
Kosher butcher expands his stock
Driving Miss Raizy – Jewish woman
and her limousine
Minyan Dollar Quartet – Four collectors
on the shul circuit

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