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Brooklyn Named Holiest Jewish City


BROOKLYN—For the first time in recent history, the borough of Brooklyn, New York, has surpassed Jerusalem, Israel, as “The Holiest Jewish City on Earth,” according to the World Jewish Federation.

Federation officials, who annually rank cities around the world for their degree of Jewish religious observance, explained that in the past year, Brooklyn initiated several practices that make it “indisputably the holiest land on the planet.”

Israel Applies For U.S. Medicare



JERUSALEM—The State of Israel, which will turn 65 years old on May 14, plans to apply for Medicare, the U.S. national social insurance program, according to Chaim Weizguy, head of Israel’s Health and Welfare Agency.

Weizguy announced that Israel wants to join Medicare in order to qualify for badly needed economic surgery that would then be paid for by the U.S. government.

Women To Build Their Own Wall



Fed up with conflict over how women can worship at the Western Wall, a group of Jewish feminists has begun reconstruction of the Eastern Wall, where they expect to be able to do as they please, thank you very much.

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Bloomberg: our pick for pontiff; Brooklyn, the holy city and a synagogue worker admits doping. All this fun and more in the Jewish Weak.
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Synagogue Worker Admits Doping


BRONX—The gabbai, or sexton, of a synagogue in the Bronx admitted today in court that he provided steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to shul members who were called to the Torah to perform hagbah--the lifting of the scroll.

The gabbai, Lanceman Armstrong, said that he had been supplying the drugs for the past five years.

Lanceman arms strong from lifting Torah.

Bloomberg Limits Seder Portions

Purim Spoof 2013


NEW YORK—Following his recent ban on soda containers over 16 ounces, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he now intends to place similar limits on wine and matzo consumption at Passover seders.

“My cup runneth over,” variously attributed to Psalms, Mayor Bloomberg and Jayne Mansfield.

Jewish Backward Exposes ‘New’ Sex Scandal


NEW YORK—On the heels of its recent expose of a sex scandal at Yeshiva University’s high school that allegedly took place more than 40 years ago, the Jewish Backward newspaper has now dug even further into the past to uncover an incident that dates back to Biblical times.

Jacob and Tamar: Old story comes to light.

Mayor Bloomberg Considering Next Job: Pope

Other surprise candidates in the running after Peres declines offer.

New York – With his second term at Gracie Burns Mansion coming to an end this year, Mayor Bloomberg is thinking seriously about becoming the spiritual leader of more than a billion Catholics.

Pope Bloomy I? He could always buy the Vatican…

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‘He’s got our back, but what about our front?’

Dana Carvey character will focus on ‘naughty parts’ and ask:‘Isn’t that …SPECIAL?’

800-page volume targets pre-teen ‘sluts’ on way to yeshiva.

A Message To Our Readers


The Jewish Week is pleased to report that everything is perfect in the Jewish Community of New York, in the United States and Israel. All members of the Jewish people are getting along so well with each other and their non-Jewish neighbors, and conducting their public and personal lives as upstanding model citizens in such an outstanding manner that we have no additional news or insight to share. Try again next week.

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