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From Kiev to rural Maine, the seder has a distinct flavor in scattered corners of the world. Three of our readers contribute their stories.

Special To The Jewish Week

How The Jews Of Kiev Got Their Matzah In time For Passover ...

Since the early 1960s I was involved in the struggle to obtain for Soviet Jews the right to emigrate and the right to practice their religion. In 1991 I was serving as the head of Operation Lifeline, an independently funded outreach program created by the National Council on Soviet Jewry to support Jewish life in the USSR and former Soviet Union.                     

For Helen Brook, obtaining her family’s supply of matzah in the FSU wasn’t an easy matter.

Eight Is Enough (Dayenu!)

New kosher wines for the Passover season.

Special To The Jewish Week

For the kosher wine industry, the lead-up to Passover is what the run-up to New Year’s Eve is for the sparkling wine industry — a time of big sales and bigger hype. Not surprisingly, this is also the time of year when the greatest number of new kosher wines hit the market. 

Carmel’s 2013 Selected Cabernet Sauvignon

An Old Tale Told Anew

Part 2 of our roundup of new Haggadot.

Staff Writer

This is the second of a two-part roundup of new Haggadot and Haggadot companions (some appeared too late last year for general distribution).

One of this year’s new, and eclectic, Passover volumes.

Punch Up Your Pesach

Kosher-for-Passover punches will add a festive note to your holiday table.

Special To The Jewish Week

In traditional Jewish liturgy, Passover has what some might see as an ironic description: “The holiday of matzahs, the time of our freedom.” For during the eight days of Passover, with its restrictive, matzah-based diet, one might not feel entirely free, particularly when it comes to food and drink. 

An illustration from the 1862 book, “How to Mix Drinks, or the Bon Vivants Companion.”

Chocolate-Covered Matzah Makeover

Updating an old dessert standby.

Special To The Jewish Week

This is the second installment in our series The Remix, in which we seek to gently rework the more challenging dishes in the Jewish culinary canon. With a little bit of love, we’re convinced we can make any dish delicious, even ones seem bizarre to the modern palate.

Ditch the pound cake this year and try these dark chocolate matzah truffles. Amy Kritzer/JW

The Meat Of The Exodus Story

For a new generation of the Syrian Allaham family, butchering (and running restaurants) is in the blood.

Web Editor

In the desert, the Israelites longed for the food of Egypt: its fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, garlic and especially the “flesh-pots,” in which meat was cooked.

Albert Allaham is growing his family’s generations-old meat business.   Courtesy of Rubenstein Public Relations

New Jewish-Style Prepared Foods Store For Brooklyn

Food and Wine Editor

My conversation with Theo Peck, owner of Peck’s, a new specialty food shop on Clinton Hill’s Myrtle Avenue, started with onion rolls. Peck, the great-grandson of the owner of the legendary kosher dairy restaurant Ratner’s, and I were reminiscing about the soft, onion-and-poppy-seed-topped rolls the now-shuttered Lower East Side restaurant served: slathered with fresh butter and eaten with a bowl of soup or in advance of a plate of cheese blintzes, they were a dream.

Peck’s opened on Myrtle Avenue in January.  Lauren Rothman/JW

An Old Story, Newly Retold

A roundup of Haggadot for this Passover season.

Staff Writer

In the beginning there was the Maxwell House Haggadah, as far as many Jews were concerned. And they saw that it was good, and they kept using it, year after year, at their seders.

The Maxwell House Haggadah was as simple as flour-and-water matzah, the basic Passover staple. It offered no commentary, no explanations, no fancy art — just the Haggadah text.

The new crop of Haggadot includes modern and classical artwork, and guides to the holiday’s halachic observance.

Freedom’s Bounty

From French-inspired macarons to high-design seder plates, cool gifts for Pesach.

Culture Editor

Barbara Shaw tells the entire story of Passover on this bold, Pharaoh-print cloth that might be a tea towel or a table cover ($19). Her work is designed and made in Israel; the icons are hand-printed on linen, here in brick red. Born in Australia and now living in Jerusalem, Shaw blends ancient themes and contemporary design in her original textile work.

Sol LeWitt-inspired bottle stoppers. Courtesy of Ceramica

The Empty Seat At The Seder Table

Keeping alive memories, traditions and values.

Special To The Jewish Week

As a little girl, my mother took me to see “Marjorie Morningstar,” a movie about a Jewish girl, played by Natalie Wood, who wants to follow an unconventional path in the late 1950s. When Marjorie’s Uncle Sampson, played by Ed Wynn, died suddenly of a heart attack at the summer camp at which Marjorie was working, I was shocked and upset. 

A seder table. Wikimedia Commons
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