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Post-season Escapes

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Many people vacation in July and August for solid reasons: school is out, office schedules loosen, days are long and beaches beckon.

Savannah, with its lyrical, historic-district parks, is perfect for a late-summer visit.  Wikimedia Commons

A Suite Holiday

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Last summer a magazine editor asked me to write about traveling with kids. He knew I had a baby daughter, and between my travel beat and the peripatetic nature of our family, he thought I’d have great insights to share.

It’s a great room but where does the baby sleep? Hilary Danailova/JW

Bulgaria’s In The Cards

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An Israeli relative by marriage is an enormous fan of casinos. This is a bit of problem back in Tel Aviv, where gambling is severely restricted by Israeli law.

A Bulgarian city is a popular site for Israeli poker players in search of recreation. Hilary Danailova/JW

A Real-Life Downton

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It was while waiting for the dumbwaiter elevator that I noticed the small, merry line of bells above the foyer doorway. With a spark of recognition, I realized where I’d seen them before: Downton Abbey!

The grounds around the Federal Revival-style Langdon Hall. Courtesy of Langdon Hall

The Bard’s Welcome Here, Too

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After six hours waiting at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, I got the bad news: My colleague’s flight had been cancelled, so I’d be attending a weekend’s worth of theater by myself at the legendary Stratford Festival. Since half the fun of seeing a show is talking about it afterwards, I figured I was in for a lonely trip.

Canada’s Stratford, site of annual plays by the bard and other playwrights. Courtesy of Stratford Festival

The Taverna Economy

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Are you nervous about the idea of a Greek vacation? Don’t be. Economic turmoil notwithstanding, Greece remains one of the world’s most beguiling destinations.

Despite its ongoing fiscal crisis, Greece is still an inviting location for tourists. Wikimedia Commons

The Politics Of Summer

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Bernie Sanders, America’s only Jewish socialist senator and lately a presidential candidate, seems to be following my mom around these days.

The surf and dunes at Edgartown’s South Beach.  Hilary Danailova/JW

How Green Is My Capital

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It can take days — maybe a week, if you’re on the scenic route — to see all of California’s major cities. But next door in Washington State, Olympia, Seattle and Tacoma are all within a drive of less than two hours.

Washington’s state capitol also serves as an art gallery and a popular park. Wikimedia Commons

In Travel, A Little Prevention Goes A Long Way

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After more than 20 years of globe-trotting, I recently had my first consultation with a travel medicine specialist.

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I don’t know what took me so long. Hubris, I suppose — the fantasy that my own common sense and good luck would spare me the maladies that afflict so many fellow travelers. I’ve spent my share of time in overseas emergency rooms, but overall I have indeed been lucky.

A little forethought can prevent a medical emergency on a foreign trip. Hilary Danailova/JW

High Culture In The Hills

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Most of us have never contemplated a Van Gogh and immediately thought of Western Massachusetts. But the undulating green hills of the Berkshires region bear more than a passing resemblance to those of Provence — at least as rendered by the artist in a series of works on view in “Van Gogh and Nature,” the summer blockbuster at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown.

Van Gogh’s “Cypresses” is part of the exhibit at the Clark Art Institute.  Courtesy Clark Institute
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