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An Ethiopian Holiday Celebrated In Israel


In their homeland of Ethiopia, they marked their unique Jewish holiday, Sigd, on a nearby mountain.

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Two Words, Two Letters, One Sculpture In Brooklyn

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It’s not a road sign between Brooklyn and Manhattan, but it definitely is a symbol — of New York City’s diversity.

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New Finds Near Jerusalem’s Old City


In recent years the paved area outside of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem served as a parking lot.

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Bending Backwards To Compete, Israelis Agree To Abu Dhabi Flag Ban


The box score for Israelis who took part in an international judo tournament in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, last week: bronze, but no blue-and-white.

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Remembering Israel’s First General


Arguably the best-known American volunteer in the Israeli army, David “Mickey” Marcus is largely forgotten now by a younger generation of American Jews, nearly seven decades after he lost his life in Israel’s defense.

Mark Von Holden/Israel Bonds

Demonstration Of Support For Israel

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The Jews of France, who have much firsthand experience as the victims of Arab terrorism, rallied this week in support of their brethren in Israel.

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Remembering The Holocaust In Romania

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Before World War II, about 757,000 Jews lived in Romania.

The country, an ally of Nazi Germany from 1940-44, quickly adopted anti-Semitic measures. The army, cooperating with a German Einsatzgruppe, massacred at least 100,000 Jews in the Bessarabia and northern Bukovina regions.Similar mass murders took place in other parts of the country; later, some 120,000 Romanian Jews were deported to their deaths.

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Supporting Israel With Their Feet


Just as the Jews of Israel and Jewish visitors from abroad observe an ancient tradition during Sukkot, the world’s Christians have their own, more modern, Sukkot tradition — marching through the streets of Jerusalem en masse to show their support for the Jewish state.

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Sukkot Comes To Israel, And France


In modern-day Israel, as in the ancient Promised Land, Sukkot is a major pilgrimage festival. In the old days, the Holy Temples in Jerusalem, where various sacrifices were offered, were the core of the pilgrims’ journeys; today, the entire land of Israel celebrates Sukkot.

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‘Hands-on’ Bar Mitzvah Project At Cemetery

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For his bar mitzvah chesed project, Gidon Katz, an eighth grader at the Windward School in White Plains, recruited 75 family members and friends to help him clean up and repair headstones at Bayside Cemetery in Ozone Park, Queens. (The controversy over the cemetery’s finances and attempts to clean it up have been chronicled in The Jewish Week.)

Diane Katz
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