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Defending Dershowitz, To A Fault?

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Former Harvard Law School professor and staunch Israel supporter Alan Dershowitz has been accused of having sex with an underage girl, the “sex slave” of a Dershowitz’ client, financier Jeffrey Epstein — which has, what exactly, to do with Israel?

Alan Dershowitz. Wikimedia Commons

Looking For A Job, Peres Finds His Humorous Side

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The world has long known that Shimon Peres has a talent for statesmanship, having been a national leader in public service for some seven decades. Now we find out he has a sense of humor, too.

Shimon Peres in a screen shot from his grandaughter's satiric video. YouTube

A Shout-out To Betty Friedan

Special To The Jewish Week

Editor’s Note: Gabriella Kamran is the first recipient of The Norman E. Alexander Award for Excellence in Jewish Student Writing. The national contest, sponsored by the Jewish-American Hall of Fame and The Jewish Week Media Group, seeks essays by teens on Jewish Americans who have made significant contributions to humanitarian causes, social justice, medicine or science. It honors Norman Alexander, a prominent businessman and philanthropist who was a founder of The Jewish Week.

Gabriella Kamran, right with Milken Community School teacher Melody Mansfield and Jewish-American Hall of Fame founder Mel Wacks

Yom Kippur Messages In New Book Of Stories


A native of Staten Island, Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld has served for a decade as spiritual leader of Ohev Sholom: The National Synagogue in Washington, D.C., which bills itself as the city’s oldest Orthodox congregation. The rabbi, who was ordained by Yeshiva University and served for five years as associate rabbi of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, has helped revive Ohev Sholom by conducting a high-visibility outreach to unaffiliated Jews. He also teaches a regular class on Judaism at the U.S. Senate.

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfelf: His Yom Kippur stories bring a light touch to a heavy holiday.

New YIVO Project Digitizes Pre-War Archive

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Imagine 1,000 years of Jewish history at your fingertips.

The YIVO Institute for Jewish research is digitizing some 1.5 million documents in its collection. Getty Images

King David, ‘A Very Problematic Character’


Noting that a character’s first recorded words in the Bible reveal a great deal about his personality, Rabbi David Wolpe pointed out at a Jewish Week Forum here last week that as a youngster, the future King David’s first words in the Book of Samuel are, “What will be given to the man who slays Goliath?”

Rabbi David Wolpe described the Bible's King David as a "very problematic character." Michael Datikash/JW

An Ancient Gift, An Unlikely Friendship


Steven Fine, a professor of Jewish history at Yeshiva University and director of the school’s Center for Israel Studies, figured an article he published last year in Biblical Archeology Review about ancient tombstones in the Holy Land, would resonate with other archeology buffs.

Steven Fine

A Musical Challenge To The Nazis


They were stars of the new music world, or would soon be. Their inclusion in the 1927 festival in Baden-Baden, Germany, meant great things would happen. In less than a decade, they would all be in the United States, sought by the Nazis, who banned their music.

A new play about Weimar Germany focuses on the interplay of culture and anti-Semitism, before the Nazis came to power.

Rebooting The Bible To A Hip Beat

Special To The Jewish Week

When Roger Bennett offered 54 accomplished young writers and artists a chance to comment on a portion of the Torah, each of them “leaped at the opportunity, like Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel.” It all began at a networking event for Reboot, a Jewish outreach organization Bennett co-founded in 2002.

Contributors each reimagine one of the 54 sections of the Torah in "Unscrolled: 54 Writers and Artists Wrestle with the Torah."

Ayn Rand, The Play


When Mitt Romney chose the Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate in last year’s presidential election, Ayn Rand, the atheist Jewish author whom Ryan credited with inspiring him to seek public service, was also suddenly vaulted to public attention. Rand, a political philosopher and best-selling novelist, glorified individualism and capitalism over governmental power and collective responsibility.

Matthew Lieff Christian and Sofia Lauwers in “Anthem,” based on Ayn Rand’s novel. Carol Rosegg
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