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The Three Waves Of Israeli Jazz Musicians

MiDor LeDor; Meet 12 Israeli jazz musicians who have washed ashore here, making a rhythmic and melodic mark in NYC.

06/01/2016 (All day)


Avishai Cohen


Meet the Israeli jazz musicians making a mark in the NYC Jazz scene. Courtesy

Israel’s Start-Up Island Taking Shape

New Roosevelt Island campus, partnership of Technion and Cornell University, will increase Israelis’ footprint here.

Staff Writer
06/01/2016 (All day)

A rendering of the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island. Courtesy of Technion

On the south side of Roosevelt Island, in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, a massive construction project is taking shape. The shells of three towering buildings are rising amid a forest of building cranes, muddy roads and a mound of dug-up dirt.

Are Two Jewish Identities Better Than One?

If it’s Tuesday, this must be…: The payoffs and perils of the really long-distance commuter.

Contributing Editor
06/01/2016 (All day)

Jerusalem — When Terri Kalker and her husband, Richie Kalker, go through security at Ben-Gurion Airport, they’re not quite sure what to say when the screener asks, “Where do you live?”

On a recent trip to New York, Barak Schecter paid a visit to his childhood home in West Orange, N.J. Courtesy of Barak Schecter

That Other Home, Across The Sea

A longtime oleh wants her kids to have a taste of that New York diversity.

Contributing Editor
05/31/2016 (All day)

The author’s sons at the former Toys “R” Us in Times Square. Sid Slivko

I’m a born and bred New Yorker, and the fact that I’ve spent the past 28 years living in Jerusalem hasn’t diminished my pride in being a New Yorker. 

I carry my New York-isms with me wherever I go. They are my personal New York State of Mind.

The Tech Matchmakers

Meet the guys helping Israeli entrepreneurs make it big in the Big Apple.

05/31/2016 (All day)

Arie Abecassis, left, and Eyal Bino are the co-founders of ICONYC Labs, an “accelerator program” that helps launch Israeli startups in New York. Courtesy of ICONYC Labs

The hoodie-clad millennials tap furiously at their laptops. They’re perched on colorful couches, or sitting at long, communal tables, munching on Fruit Loops from the built-in dispenser in the open, subway-tiled kitchen.

Living In Translation

The ‘in between-ness’ of the Israeli expat writer.

Special To The Jewish Week
05/31/2016 (All day)

The life of the imagination can take writers on any number of different journeys. But what happens when real life takes native Israeli authors to live and work in the English-speaking lands of the United States and Canada?

A recent panel discussion at Ansche Chesed, featured expat writers Maya Arad, left, Reuven Namdar and Ayelet Tsabari.

The Hummus Diaries

In search of the best thick-and-grainy or silky-smooth chickpea and tehina spread around.

Culture Editor
05/31/2016 (All day)

There are few secrets in New York City, but the proportion of mashed chickpeas to tehina is held tightly by the city’s growing number of hummus outposts. Some add lemon, cumin and garlic, mineral water instead of urban tap, a touch of baking soda. 

The scene at Michael Solomonov’s just-opened Dizengoff, in Chelsea Market.

Turning Israelis From Voyeurs To Congregants

Programs to lure Israeli-Americans to synagogue are popping up, but it’s a slow road to shul membership.

Contributing Editor
05/31/2016 (All day)

Is it really happening? Are Israeli-Americans, the longtime refuseniks of Jewish-American institutional life, finally coming to shul?

Singer-songwriter Shira Averbuch leads her charges as part of the Keshet program, which is aimed at Hebrew-speaking children.

Israel Now (June 2016)

Israelis in Shul, Really! The Hummus Diaries. 3 Generations of Jazzers. The Expat Author Boom. Start-up Island Taking Shape.

05/31/2016 (All day)
Israel Now (June 2016)

The New Rhythm Of Israel-Diaspora Relations

Israelis in America: We need your song, especially now.

Special To The Jewish Week
05/26/2015 - 20:00

My attitude to the presence of Israelis in New York has evolved.

When I was young, I would hear Hebrew on the street and feel the poignancy of yeridah, of Jewish Israelis “descending” to live in the diaspora.

Guitarist Dan Nadel, Singer and flutist Dan Aran. Larson Harley
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