Healthcare May 2013

Memory And The Mediterranean Diet, For Kids With Cancer, A Kabbalistic Superhero, Cancer and the Chasid.

Healthcare May 2013

Saving Lives, Giving Back

A cancer survivor reflects on donations she made, and priceless donations she received.

Special to The Jewish Week

Iwas 18 the first time I donated blood. A biology major in college in New York City, I was in perfect health.

Kosher Fitness

Growing numbers of Orthodox are hitting the gym in Jerusalem.

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — Three times a week, and soon to be four, Rachel Lobel heads to a women’s-only gym in the center of the city. Once there, she trades in her long skirt and blouse for exercise clothes and removes the hat she wears in public.

Religious and non-religious women train together at Swan, a women-only gym and spa in Jerusalem. Michele Chabin

Embracing Her Own Disability

Activist Harilyn Rousso overcame cerebral palsy (with the help of a prodding Ashkenazi mother) to find a sense of belonging.

Jewish Week Book Critic

As a child, Harilyn Rousso faced a lot of staring and pointing and stupid questions. Because of her cerebral palsy, she walked, moved, held her body and talked in different ways than most people. Yet throughout her early life, she denied that she was disabled and never spoke about it. Perhaps, she says now, she just didn’t have the words.

Harilyn Rousso’s new autobiographical book is more a collage than a self-portrait. Photos courtesy Temple University Press

Creating A ‘Canyon Ranch For Kids’

Isaac Mamaysky and Lisa Kravitz plan country’s first Jewish health-and-wellness camp.

Associate Editor

Ayear after Isaac Mamaysky and Lisa Kravitz celebrate their wedding this June, they plan to welcome their first child: Camp Zeke, a Jewish overnight camp focused on health and wellness.

Lisa Kravitz, with husband and Camp Zeke partner Isaac Mamaysky. Photo courtesy Camp Zeke

Healthcare February 2013

Creating A ‘Canyon Ranch For Kids’,
Embracing Her Own Disability,
Kosher Fitness

Healthcare February 2013

Healthcare October 2012

New Genetic Testing Method Can Be Mixed Blessing

Staff Writer

A new method of genetic testing that can detect more problems in a fetus, but also reveal confusing information about chromosomal anomalies, will soon become more widely available to expectant mothers; a clinical trial has proven its advantages over standard methods of fetal genetic testing.

Barbara Bernhardt

Healthcare October 2012

A World of Research

Mixed blessing for new genetic testing method, men and the BRCA mutations and more.


Where’s The Beef?

A deli owner’s vegan journey.

Editorial Intern

His Shabbat table used to host an impressive array of roast beef, pastrami, turkey, breaded chicken and cholent, the traditional Jewish stew, teeming with meat.

Half the man he once was: Michael Klein has lost 150 pounds since going vegan. Courtesy of Michael Klein

Bible Guy Gets Physical

A.J. Jacobs’ journey from flab to fitness.

Special To The Jewish Week

Not so long ago, my neighbor A.J. Jacobs grew a long, unruly beard; scrawled the Ten Commandments on his doorpost; and stoned (or, rather, kicked a few pebbles toward) suspected adulterers. He documented these antics in a best-selling book, “The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible.”

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