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Former British chief rabbi has new bully pulpit, URJ’s Hebrew curriculum goes digital, the state of the art of adult ed.

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When he steps to the head of the class later this month at New York University and Yeshiva University, former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks likely won’t be shying away from controversy. At NYU, where he’ll teach a graduate-level course on “Jewish Leadership in a Secular Age,” and at YU, where his undergraduate course will focus on Judaism and political theory, he says he’ll hit some touchy issues — his argument that American society is better aligned with Jewish principles than Israeli society, and the “inward” turn of traditional Jews.

Former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Education January 2014

Former British Chief Rabbi gets new bully pulpit. Local day school focus: Mazel rebuilds after Sandy, Suffolk academy engineers new curriculum. Day schools in the wake of Pew.

Education January 2014

Parent Volunteers Are Day Schools’ Untapped Resource

Special To The Jewish Week

I spend hours in strategy meetings and conference calls, mediate between different people, plan events, review budgets and draft documents and spreadsheets. You might guess that I am a high-powered attorney; in reality, I am a parent leader at my children’s Jewish day school.

Deborah Gubin

In ‘RealSchool’ And ‘Sandbox,’ Digging Up Ed Strategies

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About two years ago, convinced that my students at The Frisch School, a Modern Orthodox co-ed high school in Paramus, N.J., would be more engaged if given choices about what and how to learn, I started Real School.

Tikvah Wiener

Mission Possible: Setting Realistic Goals For Congregational Schools

Special To The Jewish Week

Does your synagogue’s religious school have a mission statement? In my years serving as a congregational educator and a consultant to synagogue schools, I’ve seen a few that look like this: 

Wendy Grinberg

Enriching The Israeli Curriculum

Website of materials for teachers aims to fire up children’s imaginations as antidote to dry textbooks.

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — Some people get their best ideas in the shower. Orit Elgavi-Hershler, an educator with a doctorate in brain science,

Israeli school children try out some of the activities on the Kita bePita educational website. Photo courtesy Kita bePita

Home-Based Jewish Day Care Program Seeks Expansion

With more working parents seeking affordable options, established JCCA network looks beyond the émigré community.

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Daniella Khafi, a young mother with two preschool-age children, had her choice of dozens of child-care programs for her son and daughter near the family’s home in the Forest Hills section of Queens.

Orna Davidov plays with a group of children in home-based daycare program in Kew Gardens Hills. MIchael Datikash

‘Design Thinking’ For Day Schools

Day School Collaboration Network borrowing a page from Silicon Valley to improve teaching, other areas.

Associate Editor

What do a group of local Jewish day schools have in common with Apple?

Rabbi Stephen Knapp, left, Adam Tilove and Ari Yares, lead educators in a workshop. Photo courtesy Jewish Education Project

Out Of Africa, Into Judaism

Shmueli Perkel’s award-winning Musical IQ melds global rhythms and Jewish stories in unique educational program.

Jewish Week Correspondent

On a morning in July at the Sephardic Community Center in Brooklyn, dozens of energetic children between the ages of 3 and 5 crowded together in one of the music rooms. Shmueli Perkel of Musical IQ stood before them in a circle of small djembes (pronounced JEM-bes, definitive language of origin unknown), or hand drums.

Little ones get into the bongo groove.

Jewish Teens Go Clubbing

Jewish Student Connection teen program trying to reverse ‘post-bar mitzvah dropout rate,’ provide outlet for unaffiliated.

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It’s an unseasonably warm Thursday afternoon in May, when the dismissal bell rings at New Rochelle High School.

Members of New Rochelle High’s Jewish Club make hamantaschen. Photo courtesy Jewish Student Connection
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