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Birthright Tour Operator Turns Sights To College

‘Momo’ Lifshitz is now selling Israeli universities to English speakers.

Contributing Editor
01/13/2016 (All day)

Jerusalem — After launching a successful bilingual law degree program geared toward English-speaking Israelis three years ago, the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan wanted to create an undergraduate program that would attract English-speaking students from abroad.

Students at the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan. Courtesy of Lirom Global Education

‘Halacha Is Not Only About Kashrut And Shabbat’

Touro tries to bridge disconnect between Jewish law and professional ethics.

Staff Writer
01/13/2016 (All day)

The recent corruption convictions of two prominent Orthodox Jewish leaders here — former Assemblyman Sheldon Silver and William Rapfogel, former head of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty — highlight the disconnect between ethics learned in the classroom and that which is practiced in the real world.

Rabbi Sokol with students on the Touro campus.

Training The Next Fundraisers

YU's certificate program in Jewish philanthropy.

01/13/2016 (All day)

Jewish philanthropy is changing rapidly these days, as a new generation of givers charts a course away from the old centralized model of years past. Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work's Certificate Program in Jewish Philanthropy, now in its third year, is bringing an academic focus to the world of Jewish giving.

We asked Saul Andron, the Hausman Chair in Communal Social Work at Wurzweiler about the new program and about Jewish philanthropy more broadly. The interview was conducted via email.

Saul Andron: The Jewish community has an “acute shortage of skilled fundraisers.” Courtesy of YU

The Latest From The Green, And Beyond

Can science and religion coexist in seminary?; bang for the buck at JTS; fighting BDS in California legislature.

01/13/2016 (All day)

Science For Rabbis-To-Be

In 2011, while serving at Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester, Rabbi Geoff Mitelman took part in a “public conversation” with a Jewish evolutionary psychologist, a self-declared atheist. The discussion’s purpose was to show the common elements that science and religion share.

Expanding educational program by local rabbi shares theme of book by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Education January 2016

Beating Back BDS Two approaches from former Brandeis president and new JCPA head. YU tackles changes in Jewish philanthropy. Luring English speakers to Israeli colleges

01/12/2016 (All day)
Education January 2016

Pop Music In Touro Poli Sci Class

Staff Writer
08/18/2015 - 20:00

Some students at the Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Brooklyn will be listening to songs of the Beatles, Billy Joel and “Les Miserables” as part of their classroom work this fall.

Pouring Over Their Jewish Lessons

Staff Writer
08/18/2015 - 20:00

Students in day school Jewish studies classes usually devote their time to the likes of Abraham, Moses and Joshua.

Israeli Unity Through Education?

08/18/2015 - 20:00

As a way to bridge the disunity that nearly half of Israelis view as a significant social issue in the Jewish state, 78 percent of Israelis said they would support national educational efforts to introduce religious students to their secular counterparts.

That was the finding of a recent survey of Israelis conducted by Gesher, an Israeli organization dedicated to bridging the gaps between different segments of Israeli society, and funded by UJA-Federation of New York.

BDS: The Legal Fights To Come

Special To The Jewish Week
08/18/2015 - 20:00

Everyone, it seems, is in the BDS game these days: Sheldon Adelson, the Presbyterian Church, American universities and their students, national Jewish groups — and, not least, Congress and state legislatures. 

A sign calling for the boycott of Israeli products in Bethlehem. Getty Images

Incubating An ‘Innovation Movement’

Hebrew U. pilot program playing matchmaker between international group of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists looking for the next big product.

Israel Correspondent
08/18/2015 - 20:00

Jerusalem — They have 10 weeks to perfect The Pitch. And The Ask.

Come Sept. 10, 16 aspiring and current entrepreneurs from as many countries will sit across the table from a panel of venture capitalists looking for the next great product to invest in.

The 16 TIP participants pose for a group shot at the Beersheva Cyber Park. Courtesy of Hebrew University
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