Tasting notes from the JW's oenophile, Gamliel Kronemer.

Kosher Wine Guide 2012



Kosher Wine Guide, Grand Wine Tasting and more!

Perfectly timed for Passover wine buying, The Jewish Week Media Group presents
wine-inspired events including:


Wine and Food Promotion

Royal Wine Corp. has gone "Green" with its latest project to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability.

A Great Winter Warmer

As the weather grows brisk, a sampling of micro-distillery whiskey.

Special To The Jewish Week

Whiskey — wherever it is made, and in whatever style — is a great beverage for the winter.  Just a few sips can warm the gullet, and take a bit of the chill off the coldest of winter nights. 

All whiskeys were once almost universally considered kosher. But in the last few decades the kashrut of whiskey has come up for debate.

Koval’s Chicago Whiskey is best served chilled or over ice.

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New Gilgal Wines 'Unearth' The Secrets To Great Tasting Wines From Israel

You don't have to be a sophisticated wine connoisseur to enjoy a bottle of Gilgal Wine, but once uncorked, you'll quickly discover how the agricultural wonders of Northern Israel and sophisticated winemaking craftsmanship provide the key ingredients for one of the best tasting wines in the marketplace.   

Gilgal Cabernet Sauvignon

The Jewish Week Guide to Kosher Viognier

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Yatir, Viognier,  Judean Hills, 2009: With a straw color, a medium body and a satiny mouth-feel, this fruit-forward wine has flavors and aromas of apples, pears, honeydew and cantaloupe, with just a hint of fresh churned cream. Drink within a year. Score B+

Skyview Wine and Liquors
5681 Riverdale Ave.
(718) 601-8222

The Right White For Fall

Viognier holds up well to autumn weather.

Special To The Jewish Week

After a warmer-than-usual September and early October, autumn is taking its time arriving. But when the leaves start in earnest to change color and the weather turns bracing, the time of year is right for a glass of Viognier.

The Jewish Week's Grand Wine Tasting at City Winery

Taste the finest Kosher Wines from around the world!
MARCH 27, 2011 FROM 2:00- 5:00 PM

Just $35/person in advance or $40 at the door

Order yours now. Kosher Food Provided

From New Grapes, An Ancient Vocation

Special To The Jewish Week

At one time, the two-word phrase “Israeli wine” was synonymous with the sweet, sacramental wines that were ubiquitous in Jewish homes around the world. But in the early 1980s, the quality of Israel’s wines began to improve, the number of commercial wineries increased and the Israeli wine revolution was under way.

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