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Jewish Flavor Enters The Whiskey Market

A new members-only whiskey community, Single Cask Nation, is trending with the Jewish community.

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In 2010 Joshua Hatton attended New York’s Whiskyfest and noticed that in a crowd of about 3,500 people, over a third of them were Jewish. In that moment, he came up with the idea of catering to Jewish whiskey enthusiasts.

“There’s more kippot than there are kilts at these events,” Hatton said. “It seemed like the smart thing to do.”

The result of that brainstorm: the Jewish Whisky Company, an independent bottling company that adheres to the laws of kashrut, and Single Cask Nation, its members-only club. The company is just about to deliver its second release of high-quality single cask whiskies to its members.

Single Cask Nation's first annual Whisky Jewbilee last October. Photo courtesy Jason Johnstone-Yellin

Riesling To Greater Heights

Kosher Rieslings are underrated, but they just keep getting better.

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From the mid-1980s to the early-2000s, White Riesling (often known back then as Johannisberg Riesling) was one of the most popular kosher white wine varieties. And for good reason — the grape produces crisp, fruity, refreshing wines that make for particularly good spring and summertime sipping.

Carmel's White Riesling, from the Upper Galilee, has a satiny-smooth consistency. Fotolia

Your New Four Cups

Passover wines that will elevate your seder and your spirits.

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Passover is coming up. Joy of Kosher brings you Gary Landsman's list of the best kosher wines for every price. Follow these suggestions and the guests at your Passover Seder will thank you, and you may even impress Elijah.

Better than Manischewitz. Fotolia

A Corking Good Year

The best kosher wines of 2012 include a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Petite Sirah and an Amarolo.

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Looking back over the wines I tasted in 2012, I was struck by how many truly excellent kosher wines are now on the market. In most years I am only able to give one or two wines a score of “A” (excellent), and in 2012 I gave that grade to six wines.

Two for ’12: Herzog’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Alexander the Great’s Amarolo.

Supple, Sophisticated Sipping

An autumnal taste for Californian Sauvignon Blanc.

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For many a wine drinker, one’s choice is as often dictated by the season as by any other factor. I know this is true for me; while I may love dry rosés, for instance, I am unlikely to drink them any time but during the summer. Likewise, I’m unlikely to drink a full-bodied Port — a favorite wintertime tipple — anytime from May through September.

However there are some wines, like Sauvignon Blanc, that just seem right any time of the year.

Covenant Wines’ “Red C” Sauvignon Blanc.

Kosher Wine Guide 2012



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Wine and Food Promotion

Royal Wine Corp. has gone "Green" with its latest project to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability.

A Great Winter Warmer

As the weather grows brisk, a sampling of micro-distillery whiskey.

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Whiskey — wherever it is made, and in whatever style — is a great beverage for the winter.  Just a few sips can warm the gullet, and take a bit of the chill off the coldest of winter nights. 

All whiskeys were once almost universally considered kosher. But in the last few decades the kashrut of whiskey has come up for debate.

Koval’s Chicago Whiskey is best served chilled or over ice.

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