Live Like a Movie Star

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When I'm not pouring over my Chumash or studying the Talmud, you might find me, upon occasion, flipping through an issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine for alternative inspiration. Truth be told, EW wins out over the big books 99.9% of the time, as it is significantly less cumbersome sitting on the magazine rack of my treadmill.

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Booker In The Hood At YU

Special to the Jewish Week

Cory Booker seems to find himself in the right places at the right times. Two decades ago, as a 22-year-old Rhodes scholar at Oxford, he found himself one night at Shmuley Boteach’s L’Chaim Society, a Jewish cultural center on campus.

He was invited by a young woman for a Simchat Torah celebration. When he walked into Chabad House everyone froze. He looked for his date but found men with beards and skullcaps.

Cory Booker and Richard Joel at Yeshiva University convocation. Photo by Tim Boxer

A Steak-Holder In The Kosher Dining Market


Madonna and Rudy Giuliani walk into a kosher restaurant... No, it’s not the start of a joke but something that could happen at Prime Grill, an upscale kosher restaurant in Midtown that just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Owner Joey Allaham hasn’t rested on Prime Grill’s laurels. He opened Solo, an Asian-fusion restaurant, in 2005, and Prime KO, a Japanese steakhouse, earlier this year. The restaurateur, 35, who is also part owner of the Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel, is branching out and is expected to open a boutique kosher meat shop next year.

Restaurateur Joey Allaham plans to open a boutique meat shop and a burger joint next year.  Courtesy Prime Hospitality Group

The Off-Season Advantage

Travel Writer

Wintertime in Florida? Why, that’s so old school. Haven’t you heard that the hottest trend is off-season travel?

Make that the coldest trend. As yesterday’s summer resorts have morphed into year-round weekend destinations, beach towns from Cape Cod to Hilton Head have quietly developed a 12-month-long scene. Increasingly, people are willing to sacrifice an August dip in the ocean for a soulful, solitary beach in February — and a chance to spot wildlife that isn’t toting a keg.

The cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard, top. Above, a deserted stretch of beach in Hilton Head, S.C.

Splash! — History Made in Dubai


The Israeli swimmers at an international championship last week didn’t take home any gold, silver or bronze — but they made history with blue and white.

For the first time, swimmers from the Jewish state competed in the World Short Course Swimming Championship, held in Dubai, and for the first time the Israeli flag hung poolside in the Arab country.

And, though they finished outside of the medals, Israeli swimmers swam well, by Israeli standards, setting several national records.

Photo By Getty Images

Making Winter Sparkle On A Budget

As we turn the page on 2010, it’s time for a Champagne cocktail.

Special To The Jewish Week

Got the deep-freeze, wintertime blues as New Year’s approaches? Sun lamps can help you beat back the feeling. So can a weekend trip to a tropical locale. But personally, when the snow and ice has me feeling a bit glum, I find that a nice glass of Champagne always hits the spot.

Time for a Champagne cocktail.

Ask the Ethicists: a Jewish Week Community Forum

Relationships: what should I do?

 Featuring New York Times ethicist Randy Cohen and the Jewish Week's Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, moderated by Jewish Week editor and publisher Gary Rosenblatt

Is Racism Ever Passé?

Special to the Jewish Week

It wasn’t all that long ago that, in the immediate aftermath of Barack Obama’s sweeping victory in the race for President, more than a few pundits were declaring that America had become a “post-racist society.” I wish it were so, but I’m sure it’s not.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik

Coronation Chicken Over Rice

A royal dish for your Shabbat table.

Editorial Assistant

I have a secret to tell you: I’m a foreigner. Now, don’t call immigration just yet, I’m also a US citizen, but I was born in London.

Coronation chicken over rice. Photo: Amy Spiro
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