The Most ‘Inappropriate’ Sukkah

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By any reasonable criterion, our sukkah is problematic. It’s weird looking, for one thing. A pre-fab thingamabobby of aluminum tubes, bungee cords and army-green canvas, it couldn’t be more unlike its surroundings, which are some lovely old cottages in the woods. It looks like Buckminster Fuller went to work on an architectural experiment in the middle of an English forest, then wandered off before he was done.

Judith Shulevitz

Enduring Anti-Israel Sentiment At St. Andrews

Staff Writer

Chanan Reitblat, a Lithuanian-born and American-bred post-graduate student at Yeshiva University, went to Scotland’s historic St. Andrews University earlier this year to study chemistry and learned a lesson in contemporary politics.

Chanan Reitblat: Donates compensation from bias incident in Scotland to family of terrorist victims.

How Saul met Elke

Jewish Week Online Columnist


Stoically, Saul Sudin says that when he met his future wife, one thing was clear: “We did not look like a match.”

Both were pursuing a life in the arts – he wanted to be a filmmaker, and Elke Engelson wanted to be a professional illustrator. He was a senior, she was a freshman. They met in Brooklyn at Pratt Institute. 

Saul and Elke Sudin: Partners In Art

Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

Pull together this delicious meal in half an hour

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I'm a big fan of one pot meals - throw everything in to a pot, simmer for a while and enjoy a steaming hot meal with little prep. The problem with dinners like this is that they can often require hours of cooking - but this flavorful, easy dish can be on the table in half an hour.

Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew. Photo by Amy Spiro

Yom Kippur Reflections

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As the Yom Kippur approaches, rather than present a specific ethical quandary I present some reflections and tips on what this holy day can mean for us as we perform the sacred act of engaging with other human beings and with God:

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

Making The New Year More Meaningful

Jewish Week Online Columnist
What follows below is a very slightly edited version of the sermon I delivered on the first day of Rosh Hashanah in my own synagogue.  It was as much a personal statement about my own quest to invest life with meaning as it was a conventional sermon, but upon reflection... if that isn't legitimate fodder for a sermon, I'm not sure what is.

I hope that you find it meaningful, and I wish you all a G'mar Hatima Tovah-

The Gratitude Emissary

Staff Writer

For Walter Green, a retired entrepreneur who resettled in California from the New York City area, the concept of giving thanks is not limited to one day a year. Many Jews, in their daily prayers or meditations, make a point of showing gratitude.

Walter Green: New York native spent a year giving thanks to people who had helped him.

The Languid Allure Of Apulia

Travel Writer

Almost purely by accident, my husband and I ended up in a wild, raw landscape of olive groves, crumbling white-stone walls and vast blue sea views at every bend in the road. We were in Apulia — or Puglia, as the Southern Italian region is known locally — in search of that perfect Italian beach vacation: a little culture, a dose of history, but mostly gorgeous scenery and golden sand.

Gallipoli, on the Ionian coast, boasts a scenic beach as well as an ancient port and harbor. Hilary Larson
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