Whole Wheat Linguine with Chicken, Zucchini and Mushrooms

Asian-inspired dish for a weeknight dinner.

Editorial Assistant

If you only looked at the ingredient list and ignored the instructions, you’d probably be lost.

While the components that make up any dish are obviously essential, it is the treatment of each ingredient that brings a recipe to new heights. That is certainly the case here.

Whole Wheat Linguine with Chicken, Zucchini and Mushrooms. Photo-Amy Spiro

When Your Enemy Falls: No Tears for Bin-Laden

Special to the Jewish Week

As was the case for so many others here in New York, Osama bin-Laden’s death at the hands of American troops this week triggered a flood of memories from September 11 and the days immediately thereafter.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik

Birthright Israel Foundation Mega Event in New York City

In the 11 years since its inception over 300,000 young Jewish adults have visited Israel under the auspices of Taglit-Birthright.  The Jewish Week's Aaron Herman offers insights into the program's success.

Is it Right to Celebrate Bin-Laden's Death?

Special to the Jewish Week

Q - The killing of Osama bin-Laden sent Americans out into the streets in spontaneous celebration. I saw the raucous scene outside the White House and it made me uncomfortable. Isn't it against Jewish practice to rejoice at the downfall of your enemies?

Rabbi Joshua Hammerma

Yom HaShoah Seder

 Aaron Herman attends a Yom HaShoah seder at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale

Joe Lieberman On ‘Rest’

Assistant Managing Editor

Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who will not seek a fifth term in 2012, hasn’t announced his future plans. But as a prolific author and prominent observant Jew, Lieberman, 69, says he wants to do “a little bit of missionary work,” promoting Sabbath observance as a divine gift and lifting the mystique about what an observant Jew can and cannot do within the confines of the day of rest. Simon & Schuster will publish “The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath,” written by Lieberman and David Klinghoffer in August.

Lieberman’s new book, due out in August, is titled “The Gift of Rest: Rediscovery the Beauty of the Sabbath.”

Warm Food, Warm Meals At HUC

Staff Writer

Students at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion began serving meals, on an ad hoc basis, to needy people in Greenwich Village in the early 1980s, making the Monday night soup kitchen a formal institution in 1988.

Every week — no matter the weather, no matter what holiday occurs that day, no matter the state of the economy — a few dozen volunteers from the Reform seminary, and a cadre of other volunteers, welcome and serve more than 100 “guests.”


England’s Improbably Sunny Corner

Travel Writer

Did you know there are palm trees on the English coast? Neither did I. Like most of us, my mental image of the U.K. was shaped by earlier experiences in gray, rainy London and gloomy Scotland, and by the perpetual sodden chill in countless British novels. Can you imagine “Wuthering Heights” under a sunny blue sky?

St. Ives, in Cornwall’s western end, has long been a haven for visual artists. Hilary Larson

The Raw Truth About The Jewish State

Special To The Jewish Week

There I was on a kibbutz nestled in the lush greenery of the Galilee and all I could think about was food.

Maybe it’s because my idea of a good time is to go to a raw food spa. And when I say “raw food SPA” what I mean is, I was starving, people. Seriously.
I was so hungry, I was almost in tears.

I was so hungry that I was wasting away, on account of something dreadful called a “juice fast.”

“And you paid top shekel to starve to death?” asked my sympathetic friends.

Abigail Pickus

Godsend: How Josh met Michelle

Special to the Jewish Week

Gary Garrison, a playwright and author, is not even Jewish. But he gets the mitzvah points for introducing two of his friends in New York, Michelle and Josh.

In May 2009, Michelle Fadem dropped by to see Garrison. He was her former professor and a colleague in an online social network for over 3,000 playwrights called The Loop. "Most importantly, he's one of my favorite people," adds Michelle.

Josh Kashinsky and Michelle Fadem
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