Trying To Revive The Labor Party

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Erel Margalit, 50, one of Israel’s most successful and wealthiest venture capitalists, is not only going into politics, he’s planning to start at the top. He is running for chairman of the Labor Party in the hope of becoming prime minister. (The Labor elections are scheduled for September.) The Jerusalem-based entrepreneur has helped found the Avoda [Labor] Now movement, geared toward reviving the party that headed every Israeli government in the country’s first three decades; it has declined precipitously in recent years.

Venture capitalist Erez Margalit: Wants to bring Labor back from the political wilderness.

A Smith Comes From Russia

Staff Writer

As a young man in Moscow, Mikhael Izrael was interested in art and sculpture, but he became a scientist, earning a doctorate in physics and chemistry.

“You could not make a living” as an artist, he says. “It was a hobby.”

As an immigrant here three decades ago, he changed his name to Michael and decided to follow his dream.

He taught himself to become a silversmith, and has made his living at that ever since. “My family supported me,” he says.

Photo By Michael Datikash

The Jewish Heart Of A Navy Man

Jewish Week Book Critic

I was born on Father’s Day. Many times over the years, we celebrated my father’s day and my day as one. But this year is different: our day falls just after I finish saying Kaddish for my father.

Jack Brawarsky in uniform during WWII, above, and in the 1990s.

Sensi6 Benefit For Lekat Israel

Founded in 2004, Sensi6 is a non-profit event consulting and planning group that emerged out of the desire to create charity events that target a younger generation of givers.

Sleepy Beach Towns Waking Up To Tourists

Mikhmoret, Nuweiba and Beit Yanai are close to Tel Aviv — but a world away.

Travel Writer

The tiny moshav village of
Mikhmoret is just a half-hour from Tel Aviv’s glamorous high rises, busy street scene and thumping discos.

Yet to people like Dana Bendik, who moved to Mikhmoret from the nearby resort city of Netanya eight years ago, Mikhmoret is a world away from the Tel Aviv bustle.

Horseback riding along the beach at Cactus Ranch. photo courtesy of the resort

Turkey Burger Pitas with Honey Mustard

A fresh and fun weeknight dinner.

Editorial Assistant

I managed to spend almost 2 weeks in Israel recently without eating a single falafel ball. I’ve never been a huge fan of the fried treats, despite my great affinity to chickpeas in other forms. But pita bread? That’s another story entirely. I’m more than happy to use fluffy, warm pitas to scoop up hummus, or mop up my plate after indulging in sautéed mushrooms and onions, or ravioli in a sweet potato sauce.

Turkey Burger Pitas. Photo by Amy Spiro

Jewish Ethics and Anthony Weiner's Very Bad Week

Special to the Jewish Week

 Q - Does Rep. Weiner's admitted act of sending out explicit photos of himself disqualify him from public office? Is this a new form of adultery? Given the fact that "sexting" is so common these days among young people, will it become a political albatross comparable to pot smoking for aspiring pols who came of age in the '60s? After all, isn't this just a byproduct of the Internet revolution in the way that drug use was the byproduct of the counter culture?

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

The Curious Case of Anthony Weiner: A Cautionary Tale

Special to the Jewish Week

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…"

Sir Walter Scott could not have been more right, as my congressman, Anthony Weiner, discovered this past week. The problems inherent in the lewd pictures, incomprehensibly bad judgment, and arrogant assumption of invincibility were only exacerbated ten times over by the untruths that followed. The whole affair is a tawdry mess, and an embarrassment.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik

Finding a Reform Jewish Voice in New York State

Special to the Jewish Week

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the best "greatest hits collection" of the Torah - The Book of Deuteronomy! (applause, applause) Am I right?

Rabbi Marci Bellows

Storahtelling Turns 13

Staff Writer

The celebration was as innovative as its name.

To mark its 13th year, the Storahtelling education-theater project founded by Amichai Lau-Lavie held a “b mitzvah” ceremony recently at City Winery.

A “b mitzvah,” Lau-Lavie explained, is a “bar mitzvah, a bat mitzvah, a b mitzvah celebration for all genders.”

Photo By Daniel Kukla
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