Masa Israel Journey and 3GNY: WEDU Showcase

Third-Generation Holocaust survivors discuss at their special obligation to tell the stories of their families.

We had the opportunity to attend the Masa Israel Journey and 3GNY: WEDU Showcase at the Hummus Place in NYC

Smite Not: Helpful Feedback About Hindering Behavior

Jewish Week Online Columnist

As difficult as it may be for many of us to give or get feedback, let’s be thankful that we don’t live in Biblical times. Think about it: when God wanted to let His people know that He was unhappy with their behavior, He didn’t typically sit them down for a heart-to-heart. He didn’t share his observations about what was working and what wasn’t, and then request a change in performance to be observed over a period of time, and then re-evaluated.

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Getting High On Tu b’Shvat

Staff Writer

Tu b’Shvat, the Jewish new year of trees, a minor holiday on the Hebrew calendar, is traditionally celebrated in Israeli forests with mass tree-plantings, and in some diaspora communities with kabbalistic seders and the eating of symbolic Israeli fruits, right.

One local couple has its own Tu b’Shvat custom.

Photo By Michael Datikash

Selling Day Schools In A Tough Climate

Associate Editor

When mega-philanthropist Michael Steinhardt founded the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education in 1996, it was a heady time for day schools. Today, the recession seems endless, enrollment of non-Orthodox Jews is declining and even some Orthodox Jews are questioning the affordability, if not the importance, of day schools.

Amy Katz: “Day schools are stewards of the Jewish future.”

‘Good’ For Israel?

Special To The Jewish Week

‘Where to?” the cabbie asked.

Since I was running late to meet someone in the Old City, a place perpetually bewitching and confusing to me, it was worth my shelling out the extra moola to have a driver take me as close as possible to my destination without actually hitting the Western Wall.

Which is sadly kind of possible, considering they let cars drive in alleyways there that are barely big enough for a mule. A very skinny mule.

But this is actually a column about Obama.

Abigail Pickus

The Art Of The Midwest

Travel Writer

For art lovers, the great American road trip has a new pit stop.

That’s because the arts are in bloom in Kansas City, Mo., the major stop between St. Louis and Denver on Interstate 70, which slices through Middle America from Baltimore to Utah.

The exterior of Moshe Safdie’s Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, above. Top, the center’s Muriel Kauffman Theatre.

Hot molten chocolate cakes

Stay warm this winter with a hot dessert!

Online Jewish Week Columnist

It's a favorite on restaurant menus around the country - the hot molten chocolate cake, sturdy on the outside, and filled with a flowing, irresistible chocolatey center. But surprisingly, they're a cinch to make at home, and you don't need any special tools or ingredients to make it happen.

They key to the gooey centers is simply baking the cakes until they're just set on the outside, while the inside remains a bit jiggly and unset.

Hot molten chocolate cakes. Photos by Amy Spiro

Interview with Dr. David Ellenson and Dr. Daniel Gordis about their new book Pledges of Jewish Alleglance: Conversion,Law and Policy-Making In Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century Orthodox Responsa.

Interview with Dr. David Ellenson and Dr. Daniel Gordis about their new book Pledges of Jewish Alleglance: Conversion,Law and Policy-Making In Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century Orthodox Responsa.

Saying Yes, Saying No

Jewish Week Online Columnist

This past Monday night, I sat in a circle with my 9th and 10th grade students. I asked them to give me an example of a way in which Judaism encourages us to take care of ourselves. They sat, thoughtfully, unsure of how to answer my question. I then asked, “How do you know that it is important to rest and recharge ourselves, at least once a week?” “SHABBAT!” They cried out. We discussed how lucky we are to be members of a tradition that not only values self-care, but also commands us to take a break once a week.

Rabbi Bellows serves as rabbi of Temple B'nai Torah in Wantagh. A graduate of Brandeis University, she was ordained in 2004.

What Would Isaiah Say: If the Prophets Were Voting in Florida

Jewish Week Online Columnist

For reasons that I cannot adequately explain, I recently found myself watching a few minutes of a Republican candidates’ debate in Florida.  

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik is the spiritual leader of the Forest Hills Jewish Center.
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