A Concert Of Note In Bayreuth

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‘The hot ticket” one morning this week in Bayreuth, the city in southern Germany that hosts an annual Richard Wagner opera festival, was not a performance of the composer’s “Die Meistersinger” in the main theater, but a smaller orchestra in a smaller hall as part of a fringe festival, England’s Guardian newspaper reported.

The Israel Chamber Orchestra was performing Wagner’s “Siegfried Idyll.”

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A Changeless Summer Idyll

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In the nicest possible way, very little ever changes on Martha’s Vineyard, an island of green cliffs and shingled cottages off the coast of Cape Cod.

For decades, the Vineyard week has followed a delightfully predictable schedule. Wednesday and Saturday mornings bring the farmer’s market at West Tisbury; everyone stocks up on local lettuce, beans and flowers for weekend dinners.

Oxen graze in a Martha’s Vineyard field, top. Above, gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs. Photos by Hilary Larson

Kosher Italian Cooking With Alessandra Rovati

Aaron Herman visits the kitchen of kosher Italian food maven Alessandra Rovati of joyofkosher.com and DinnerInVenice.com.

The Jewish Jazz Baroness

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She was a Rothschild, an aristocrat, a war hero (she was awarded the Medaille de la France Libre for her anti-Vichy efforts) and an ambassador’s wife. But Kathleen Annie Pannonica Rothschild de Koenigswater, better known as Nica, was probably most famous for hosting jazz giant Charlie “Bird” Parker in her suite at the Stanhope Hotel the night he died. The New York tabloids vilified her, but her role as a patron saint for modern jazz couldn’t be tarnished by those louts. She was a staunch friend to Thelonious Monk and his family and dozens of others.

David Kastin, left, is author of biography the Rothschild who loved jazz.

On Shabbos, The New Labor Pains

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Recently, my 20-month-old son asked for cookies for breakfast. “No,” I said, “it’s not time for cookies.” “Yeah,” he agreed. “It’s Shabbat.” (It was in fact, a Tuesday). How had he concluded — already (!!!) — that Shabbat was a day of no? I had felt relatively comfortable that Shabbat in our house was more a day of togetherness and play. But once again, he knew better.

Talia R. Cohen

"Aren't You Leaving Soon?" (How To Be a Great Guest)

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While my husband Michael packed our suitcases in preparation for our return trip home from five wonderful vacation days in London, I gathered all of our used sheets and towels, stuffed them into a single pillowcase (as my Jewish male Martha Stewart-like husband had taught me) and carried the sack into kitchen where my friend and hostess Lisa was having breakfast before attending a class. “Do you want me to wash these?” I asked her. “Just leave them,” Lisa said. “I’ll get to them later in the week.”

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Who Could Have Known?: A Most Unlikely Simcha

Jewish Week Online Columnist

I officiated at a wedding not quite two weeks ago that, by all external criteria, looked much like many of the hundreds of weddings I’ve officiated at over the last thirty years.

Rabbi Gerald Skolnik

A Thousand Terrorists for Shalit?

Jewish Week Online Columnist
Q – Is the release of Gilad Shalit worth an exchange of a thousand Hamas prisoners, including some who have blood on their hands and could well kill more innocent Israelis (and others)?
Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

Quadruple Berry Pie

Jewish Week Online Columnist

Meet The Director and Star of "Girlfriend"

 Aaron Herman interviews Justin Lerner and actor Evan Sneider about their groundbreaking film, "Girlfriend."

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