Lurching Toward Elul: Tracking The Jewish Psyche

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In the jargon of mental health professionals, when you say that someone’s “affect is labile,” it means that he/she tends to flip back and forth between different moods. It’s another way of saying that a person is behaving unpredictably, alternating between happy and sad, hope and despair, in ways that are hard to predict and liable to change at any moment.


Rabbi Gerald Skolnik

Pink Lemonade Bars

The perfect summer treat.

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I’m hopelessly addicted to ice pops. They are one of my many weaknesses (right behind doughnuts) and I could eat about 20 of them a day. In fact, I’ve been known to stock up on them at the end of summer to get me through the cold months when it is difficult to find them for sale.

Pink Lemonade Bars. Photo by Amy Spiro

Singling Out Israel, Even At The Market

In Brooklyn’s upscale, politically liberal and increasingly family-friendly Park Slope, the battles that have seized most of the headlines in recent years have concerned fancy strollers that occupy too much sidewalk space — and not so much Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

Rabbi Andy Bachman: A “pretty left-wing person,” he’s against a boycott of Israeli goods — and of Israel’s anti-boycott law.

A Black Day In French History

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An honor guard stood near Rabbi Alain Goldman in Paris during a ceremony that reflected no honor on France.

On the recent 69th anniversary of the Vel d’Hiv roundup of some 13,000 Jews from Paris and its surrounding suburbs, Rabbi Goldman, at right, the city’s former chief rabbi, took part in a memorial ceremony which included World War II veterans, below.

The roundup was the largest mass arrest of Jews in France during World War II; the children and adults arrested over two days were shipped to Auschwitz, where most died.

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Berlin’s Old/New Reality

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When I agreed to teach Jewish law at Humboldt University in Berlin — the only European law school to offer such a course — I assumed I could be reasonable and objective about Germany. I was naïve. No American, certainly no Jew, comes to Germany clean. There are too many memories, too many inherited cultural images and prejudices.

Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard

Chasing The Mother Bird: A Strange Mitzvah


 Q:  An acquaintance of mine recently boasted to me that he had happened upon a bird's nest and seized the opportunity to perform what he considered the mitzvah of shiluach hakan, scaring away a mother bird before taking the eggs. This mitzvah is intended to teach compassion, so that a bird should not have to watch the devouring of its young, but I find it hard to believe that it is meant as a mitzvah to be done in ordinary circumstances if one is not in dire need of the eggs.

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

Faith Complex with The ADL's David Friedman

A discussion about campus anti-Semitism and other issues with host Sara Fainberg.

Turkey, Avocado and Apple Salad

This tasty summer salad is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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Now that the nine days are over, it is time to dive back in to meat consumption full time, right? Not being a huge red-meat eater, it is not steaks or hamburgers I’ve been craving but the lighter fare – especially when it is played up so nicely in a salad like this.

Tasty avacado salad with turkey and apple chunks.
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