Munch, Grieg And Beyond

08/13/2012 - 20:00
Travel Writer

The eerie spectacle of round-the-clock sunshine has given way to shadowy nights in the Norwegian city of Bergen, but August days are still long and golden.

In midsummer, the quaint harbor area, Bryggen, can feel like an open-air party. Crowds throng the outdoor cafés and fill the quaint medieval alleys; fishmongers haul in their slippery wares as tourists snap pictures of Europe’s most colorful fish market. Against a backdrop of green mountains, the vivid reds and yellows of Bergen’s wood-frame houses are reflected in the North Sea.

In Bergen, crowds throng the outdoor cafés before the onset of long winter days. Bergen Tourist Board/Per Elde

A Vacation is Hard Work!

08/09/2012 - 20:00
Jewish Week Online Columnist

It is not your duty to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.” – Pirke Avot 2:16

I’m snuggled up in my bed, laptop on my right, and half-read novel on the left. I just returned from my two weeks as faculty at URJ’s Crane Lake Camp, and I am finally settling into my much-needed vacation. It’s become routine that the bulk of August each year is my vacation, which allows me both to recover from the year and prepare for the High Holy Days to come.

Rabbi Marci Bellows

Promoting Human Rights And Fighting Poverty

What does it mean to be a light onto the nations? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Ruth Messinger President of American Jewish World Service about her work an how AJWS is transforming communities  around the globe.

Kabbalat Shabbat in Camp Foster: The Challenges of a Marine Chaplain

08/08/2012 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

I would imagine that rest and relaxation are the two most important criteria of a really good summer vacation, especially when one’s job is stressful.  But if it is also true that expanding one’s horizons and learning about parts of the world that were completely unfamiliar are also important components, then my wife and I are enjoying one of our most successful summer vacations ever, here in Okinawa, Japan, and soon in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik is the spiritual leader of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens.

Zucchini Parmesan Pasta

Whip up a summer dinner dish in half an hour
08/08/2012 - 20:00
Online Jewish Week columnist

Quick suppers are the name of the game in summer, and ones that use the season's bounteous produce, like zucchini and other summer squash, get bonus points. This super simple dish calls for just a few ingredients, but uses them all to their utmost flavor power. Sweet summer zucchini provide the base, but you can use other vegetables of your choosing. Minced garlic cooked briefly imparts a big flavor - don't add it too early or it will burn quickly.

Zucchini Parmesan Pasta. Photo by Amy Spiro

Happy Birthday, In Absentia

08/06/2012 - 20:00
Staff Writer

The landmark birthday of a hero was marked with elaborate celebrations in two European capitals this week, but the guest of honor was not present.

Raoul Wallenberg, whose 100th birthday was Saturday, probably is not alive. And no one has known his whereabouts for almost seven decades.

Photo by Getty Images

Can Electronics Ever Mix With Shabbat?

08/06/2012 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

We are increasingly choosing to read our novels, magazines, newspapers and even children’s books on e-readers and tablets. But is it permissible to do this on the one day of the week that Judaism commands us to unplug?

Rabbi David Nevins: KOs the Kindle for use on Shabbes.

The Culture Of The Midwest

08/06/2012 - 20:00
Travel Writer

From time to time, I like to revisit noteworthy stops along America’s great cross-country Interstates. Many such stops wouldn’t normally come to mind as vacation destinations, which make their offerings all the more serendipitous.

The Butler Institute of American Art’s Andrews Pavilion, above. Top, Winslow Homer’s “Snap the Whip,” housed within. Butler Inst

A Jewish Journey Here

08/06/2012 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

On the spectrum of risky behavior, I fall toward the nervous end of cautious: I’m the type who analyzes every detail of every decision, resulting in paralysis over routine matters such as purchasing a new bedspread.

Elicia Brown

Creamy lemon ice cream

A pareve or dairy way to cool off in the heat
08/01/2012 - 20:00
Online Jewish Week Columnist

I don't really need to sell you on the joy of ice cream in the summer, do I? Let's face it, I'm hardly the first to recommend such a thing. But in case you need a little convincing, 5 minutes of work can award you with a creamy, tasty, tangy and basically perfect frozen treat, even without an ice cream maker. If you do have one, you can pour this mixture in it to freeze, but it will still be delicious if you don't. Using fresh lemon juice will give it an extra boost, but the bottled stuff works well too.

Creamy lemon ice cream. Photo by Amy Spiro
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