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Passover 2015

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David Broza on Feb. 11

Join the musician for a conversation about his dream of transforming reality with the power of music.


The iconic musician will discuss his new album, "East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem," which is performed with Israeli, American and Palestinian musicians.


U.S. Court Gives 5 Terror Victims $70M Of Iranian Funds


A San Diego federal court awarded $70 million in compensation from Iran to five U.S. citizens injured in a 1997 terror attack in Jerusalem.

Culminating a 10-year legal battle, Judge Barry Moskowitz ruled on Tuesday that Cubic Defense Systems transfer the money to the plaintiffs.

Nitzana Darshan-Leitner: Out To bankrupt terrorists.

Protests Against Egypt's Morsi A 'Game Changer,' Says Arabic News Analyst


The millions of Egyptians who filled the streets of Egypt Sunday demanding the resignation of President Mohammad Morsi is a “very positive thing for people in the region,” according to Shimrit Meir, an analyst of Arabic media with The Israel Project.

“The Israeli perspective is to be quiet and do nothing – to wait and see and not interfere,” she said in a conference call Monday morning from Jerusalem. “They say this is an internal Egyptian issue and we do not interfere … But other voices paint a different picture.”

Guard Had Clashed With Jewish Man Shot At Western Wall


The security guard who fatally shot an Israeli homeless man at the Western Wall plaza early Friday is under investigation for murder.

The guard, a Druze who had been on the job for a short time, reportedly had clashed previously with Doron Ben Shlush. He was arrested after the incident on Friday morning and ordered held for five days. His name is under a gag order.
A police investigation has determined that Ben Shlush yelled “Druze, you son of a bitch” at the security guard, according to the Times of Israel.

Caterer Settles Lawsuit With L.I. Synagogue

Staff Writer

Morrell Caterers, which was accused by former employees of numerous kosher law violations, has signed a settlement with the Woodbury (L.I.) Jewish Center that calls for it to end its business there Aug. 31 and for both sides to drop all claims against one another.

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