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Voice Of Reform Prayer

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Though her music has long been part of worship services at Reform synagogues and she has been embraced by camp song leaders, Debbie Friedman has often felt disdained by many of the movement’s more “serious” music mavens, like the cantors.

Working With The Best

Editor and Publisher
When the now legendary film director Martin Scorsese first discovered Herbert Asbury’s book “Gangs of New York” in 1970, and decided to make it into a film, Rick Schwartz was a 2-year-old growing up in a Modern Orthodox home in Teaneck, N.J. It took three decades for Scorsese to complete his dream — the much-anticipated epic film opens this weekend — and it was helped along by hundreds of people.

Writing From A Jewish Heart

Editor and Publisher
Tony Kushner says his Jewish identity helped him in his struggle to “come out” as a gay man. Wendy Wasserstein says the play she most wants to write is about her mother, who “met a socialist at Ratners” and, nine years later, after he died, married his brother.
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