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It's Party Time After Shul. Mixed Drinks, Clear Message

Maybe Lucette Lagnado’s piece in The Wall Street Journal (Feb. 8) on how some high-profile Orthodox synagogues are drawing large crowds to their Shabbat morning services with expensive booze and elaborate catering at kiddush will prove embarrassing enough to tamp down this trend. But I don’t think so.

Who Will Follow The Pope's Lead?


“Pope Gives God Two Weeks’ Notice.”

Leave it to the New York tabloids, in this case the New York Post, to sum up the stunning news from the Vatican in a few words.

While the Catholic Church scrambles to elect a new pontiff by Easter, some aging leaders of the Jewish community might consider the precedent set by Benedict XVI in stepping down at the age of 85, citing deteriorating health.

Wrong Message On Weberman Sentencing

In sentencing Nechemya Weberman to 103 years in jail last week for sexually abusing a young woman from the Satmar chasidic community, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Ingram said he hoped to send a message “to all victims of sexual abuse that your cries will be heard and justice will be done.”

The Satmar sect, of which Necheyma Weberman is a member, mourn the death of their rabbi in 2006. Getty Images

Morsi Code: The Language Of Hate

Now that The New York Times and the White House have acknowledged and rightfully condemned Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s hateful, racist descriptions of Jews and Israel, will they do the same for the consistently vile rhetoric used by political, media and religious leaders of the Palestinian Authority?

Mohammed Morsi poses prior to a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister in Cairo on Jan. 10. Getty Images

Israel Is Walling Itself In, Literally

Israel announced this week that it plans to build a fence on its Syrian border for security purposes. That makes perfect sense, given that Syria is in the midst of a horrific civil war whose ripple effect is fraught with uncertainty.

What To Do About Hagel?

Some national Jewish leaders, deeply worried and upset over the nomination of former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, are in a quandary about whether or not to publicly speak out against his confirmation.

BJ Rabbis Went Too Far

We American Jews get bent out of shape when we’re accused of dual loyalty. But the truth is many of us are guilty as charged when it comes to being proud Americans and supporting the people of Israel.

More Queasy Over Bibi `As Time Goes By’

“Well,” I imagine Bibi Netanyahu telling his worried supporters this week, “we’ll always have Palau.”

Too Many Guns: A Surreal Memory

Listening to the NRA’s chief executive, Wayne LaPierre, advocate arming civilians and placing them in every school in the country as a means of reducing violence, I was reminded of one of the more surreal scenes I’ve ever experienced, during which I was sure I would not survive.

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