Labor Gains


In the Talmud, Rabbi Ishmael states that it is important to combine regular work alongside study of Torah.

David Wolpe

For Those Who Come After Us

Special To The Jewish Week

Selfless creation is the backbone of the world.

David Wolpe

Rationalize This!


Excuses, excuses. None of us lacks reasons or justifications. As Rabbi Joseph Telushkin puts it, rationalizations are more important than food. After all, we have all gone a day without eating.

David Wolpe

That Which Endures


In his autobiography, the great director Akira Kurosowa muses: “’Mono-no-aware,’ sadness at the fleeting nature of things, like the sweet, nostalgic sorrow of watching the cherry blossoms fall — when I heard this ancient poetic term, I was suddenly struck by enlightenment as if waking from a dream.”

David Wolpe

A Friend Indeed

Special To The Jewish Week

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

David Wolpe

The Power Of Now


‘Live for the moment.” “This is the only time you have.”

Wisdom Of The Ages


Wisdom is sometimes an accompaniment of years.

The Past Can Be Prelude

Special To The Jewish Week

The challenge, frustration and color of life is that each day is promising at its beginning and irrevocable at its end.

Rabbi David Wolpe

A Patient Spirit

Count to 'ten' before you hit send.


In Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” General Kutuzov exasperates his comrades by refusing to take action against Napoleon. “Maneuver,” they urge him,

Rabbi David Wolpe

Quantum Leap

Special To The Jewish Week

Sir James Fraser, author of the anthropological classic “The Golden Bough,” once formulated the second principle of magic as follows:

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