A Time To Dance


After the Israelites cross the sea, Miriam and the women dance. Moses leads the people with song, but Miriam leads them with dance.

Rabbi David Wolpe

Armed For Chanukah


As Israel prepares to cross the sea, Moses cries out to God, who responds, in Exodus 14:15, “Why cry out to Me? Tell the Israelites to go forward.” Rashi reverses the meaning of the verse, suggesting God is saying, “Why cry out? It’s on me — tell the Israelites to go forward.” Rashi lived in an age (1040-1105) when Jews had little power and reliance on God was the only conceivable strategy. He understood the Passover story as one of total dependence, not human initiative.

Rabbi David Wolpe

How To Tell A True Jew

In the words of Menachem Mendel of Vorki, the signs are 'upright kneeling, silent screaming and motionless dance.'


Menachem Mendel of Vorki said you could tell a true Jew by “upright kneeling, silent screaming and motionless dance.” Here is one possible take on that enigmatic phrase:

Rabbi David Wolpe

The Israel Paradox


Here is the secret that Israelis know: Life in Israel is both more normal and less normal than the world assumes.

Rabbi David Wolpe

The World’s Alarm Clock

Special to the Jewish Week

The enemy of the Jew becomes the enemy of the world. That simple, albeit mysterious, historical rule has been repeatedly demonstrated. Regimes and ideologies that target Jews never stop there; they are imperialistic by nature, and begin by identifying the “other” — and Jews have been the quintessential other — and move on to target ever-larger circles.

Rabbi David Wolpe

It Takes A Minyan

There are many central tasks of life that can never be accomplished alone.


Why do the central prayers of Judaism require a minyan, a quorum of 10? That is true of the Kedusha in the Amidah and the Kaddish, among others. 

Rabbi David Wolpe

Why Me?


A  psychiatrist received the following postcard from a vacationing former patient: “Having a wonderful time. Why?”

Rabbi David Wolpe

The Adult We’ve Become


Not long ago, I was sent a picture of myself at a very young age. As it was just before Yom Kippur, I began to wonder about the person in that picture — what would he think of the adult he had become?

David Wolpe

Carrying A Candle In The Night

Special to the Jewish Week

The Torah warns the backsliding Israelites that they will “Grope in midday as a blind man gropes in darkness” [Deut. 28:29]. Of course, darkness is the same as midday to a blind man, but the Talmud reminds us that at midday the man can be seen, and others will help him.

David Wolpe

Rabbi David Wolpe's 'Musings'

To celebrate the new year, do a mitzvah that will stay with you for a lifetime.


One of the many gifts my father left me was a few hundred index cards with rabbinic quotations, stories, quips and teachings. Looking through them the other day I found this clipping from one James Hodgson, who lived in Salt Lake City:

Rabbi David Wolpe
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