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On Jewish Meditation


Jonathan Mark’s article, “Immersed In Jewish Meditation” (March 6) about Rabbi Yoel Glick and his book, “Living the Life of
Jewish Meditation,” was lovely. Thank you for sharing and bringing to us an
awareness of Jewish meditation. His book is great and perfect for any Jew who
is interested in meditating.

Hillel And J Street


In your Editorial about Eric Fingerhut’s decision to withdraw from the
upcoming J Street Conference, I’m not sure which of two remarks made me laugh
(or cry) harder (“Pulling Out Of J Street Conference,” March 13).

The Right Choice


The choice of Stephen Hazan Arnoff as the new CEO of the JCC Association is an
excellent decision (A N.Y. Minute, March 13).

Defining J Street


I have been an avid reader of The Jewish Week for decades and an active supporter of its courageous willingness to expose and confront painful issues in the Jewish community. I am, therefore, both puzzled and genuinely angered by your apparent inability to publish anything about J Street, the pro-Israel pro-peace organization of which I am a very proud member, without referring to it as “left wing.” 

Why I Marched In Selma


Sunday, March 8, which marked 50 years and one day after “Bloody Sunday,” I
was among the 100,000 people in Selma, Ala., who chose to walk in the
footsteps of the righteous (“Still More Bridges To Cross,” March 13). We came to Selma not just to commemorate the
civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery that lead to the Voting Rights
Act but also to recommit to carry on the work, begun those years ago, which
is still unfinished.

Competing Visions In Israel’s Election


Two competing visions emerged from the polls on Tuesday in Israel’s national parliamentary elections. One was about Us vs. Them, with an emphasis on fear of Them — whether Them was Iran, the Palestinians, Israel Arabs or the Israeli Left. That was the increasingly strident narrative of Prime Minister Netanyahu and it seemed to be effective as his Likud Party came from behind in the last few days of the campaign to tie or perhaps exceed the Zionist Union’s Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni.

Another Significant Election


Overshadowed by this week’s parliamentary elections in Israel is another vote, also crucial to Jewish life in Israel and the diaspora, in which most Jews in this country can participate.

Tell The Story

Special To The Jewish Week

Jews venerate memory. So important is memory to Jews that one characterization of God in our prayers is “Zochair kol Hanishkachot” — the one who remembers everything forgotten. To be God is to have the gift of perfect memory.

Rabbi David Wolpe

UCLA, Oklahoma And Campus Bias

Special To The Jewish Week

The feature film “Selma” and the fickle nature of identity politics have reminded Jews that it’s easy to be forgotten in the struggle for civil rights. With movie magic, Jewish participation was edited out, left on the cutting room floor like an inconsequential plot.

Thane Rosenbaum

Metzitzah And The Safety Of New York’s Children

Special To The Jewish Week

While reading the recent article in the Jewish Week (“Charedi Leader Opens Door On Metzitzah,” March 3), I couldn’t shake the feeling I’d fallen down the rabbit hole.

Ben Hirsch
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