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Singling Out Silver

05/11/2016 - 09:16

I am no fan of Sheldon Silver and believe that his conviction was justified.

I am at a loss, however, to explain why The Jewish Week finds it compelling to disclose that Silver is an Orthodox Jew (Briefs, May 6). At no time did the government argue that Silver’s actions were motivated by his religious beliefs.

Fooled On Iran

05/11/2016 - 09:15

Amidst the fallout over the remarkably blunt and candid interview President Obama’s key foreign policy expert gave to The New York Times Magazine this weekend, in which he spoke with pride of manipulating the media and referred to the foreign policy establishment as “the Blob,” there is the emerging picture of an administration that deceived us about the Iran nuclear deal, led by a president who may never have intended to prevent Tehran from having a nuclear weapon.

The Legacy Of Ernie Michel

05/11/2016 - 09:11

Ernst (Ernie) Michel’s life embodied the tragedy and triumph of the Jewish people in the 20th century.

Mourning Light

05/11/2016 - 08:59

After the death of Aaron’s sons, God instructs Aaron on various rituals, including the atonement ritual on behalf of the people. There are three important lessons about grief in this juxtaposition.

Rabbi David Wolpe

Laying Blame For ‘The Israel Problem’

Maybe it’s not Israeli policy after all, argues a leading conservative.

05/11/2016 - 08:56
Editor and Publisher

The growing drift between American Jews and Israel is not a result of Jerusalem’s right-wing political policies, as many believe. Rather, it’s because American Jews are, well, less Jewish.

Gary Rosenblatt

Passover To Independence Day

From Miracles To Responsibility

05/10/2016 - 16:19
Special To The Jewish Week

The transition between Passover and Israel’s Independence Day (May 12 this year) is a symbolic transition from a holiday that centers on Godly miracles to a holiday that centers on human actions. There, in Egypt, we are told in effect, “God will fight for you while you keep silent.” Here, in the State of Israel, we are not to be silenced: We are active participants, taking our destiny into our own hands. 

Yedidia Stern

Loving The Sojourner’s Truth

05/10/2016 - 13:06
Special To The Jewish Week

Candlelighting, Readings:
Shabbat candles: 7:47 p.m.
Torah: Lev. 19:1-20:27
Haftorah: Amos 9:7-15 (Ashkenaz);
Ezekiel 20:2-20 (Sephard)
Havdalah: 8:53 p.m.

Neil Fleischmann

Book Of Ruth, A Counterpoint To Male Chauvinism

05/10/2016 - 10:19
Special To The Jewish Week

Sorry, Donald Trump, I’m going to play the woman card in this month’s column. As the Jewish community looks ahead to its next big religious holiday, Shavuot, coming in June, the story of two women stands out as one of the most endearing features of the celebration.

Francine Klagsbrun

Will The Supreme Court Let Faith Make Children Unsafe?

05/06/2016 - 10:47

Should all children's playgrounds be made as safe as possible, or should some be denied safety improvements because of bigotry?  This question is at the core of a case before the U.S. Supreme Court this year.  We at the Orthodox Union argued to the justices that they must strike down an antiquated anti-religious amendment to state constitutions for the safety and well-being of America's religious citizens.

Nathan J. Diament

Sanders On Israel

05/04/2016 - 10:20

Two front-page stories in your April 22 issue quote Sen. Sanders’ calumny
that Israel’s use of force in the 2014 Gaza war was “disproportionate.” Your
editorial in the same issue (“Sanders Crosses A Line”) says that some believe
Sanders’ criticism was “deeply unfair,” without, however, explaining why.

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