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Confusing The Public


In the June 3 Editorial, “Promoting Disunity,” the editor calls out JCC Watch for “confus[ing] the public,” when it comes to the role UJA-Federation of New York plays
in the Jewish Communal Fund’s grant allocation. Perhaps JCC Watch is using
the commonly employed method of conveniently leaving out details to make its
point more clearly in a short amount of space. The editor explains the JCF
granting process and writes, “JCC Watch knows all that but prefers to
confuse the public.”

Tighten JCF Guidelines


I learned more from [former New York City Mayor] Ed Koch than from anyone else, and one of those things is
to be fair and honest even with those (perhaps especially with
those) you love.

Don’t Divide Anti-BDS Efforts


As the Jewish community raises to a new level its response to the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement on college campuses, with tens of millions of dollars being set aside to combat anti-Israel activity, we offer congratulations — and a word of caution.

Opinion: The Case For Day Schools

Their finances should be our first priority.

Special To The Jewish Week

The cost of Jewish day school education is a major topic of conversation within the Jewish community for two obvious reasons: Tuition is expensive — in some cases prohibitive — and there is a strong belief that day school education is a critical component of Jewish communal survival. It has proven effective in producing engaged, knowledgeable, and in-married adult participants in the Jewish community.

Edieal Pinker

BDS: How Big A Threat?

Special To The Jewish Week

BDS, which stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, has been all over the media in recent days. The convening of an emergency session of Israel’s Knesset; a gathering of Sheldon Adelson, other mega-donors and dozens of Jewish organizations in Las Vegas; a spate of investigative reports and opinion pieces — all busy trying to assess how serious a phenomenon this is and the most effective ways to respond to it. Some suggest it is an economic and diplomatic “tsunami” poised to overwhelm Israel, an existential threat rivaled only by Iran’s nuclear weapons program; while others accuse both the left and right of completely blowing it out of proportion to serve their parochial political interests. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between. 

Martin Raffel

No Way To Treat An Ally

First interview: Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren has written a devastating insider’s account of White House distancing from Israel.

Editor and Publisher

In January 2011, with the U.S. trying hard to convince the Palestinians to withdraw or moderate a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements, President Obama called Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to make a deal.

Gary Rosenblatt

Acting On Judaism

Rabbi David Wolpe says you can't be a wonderful Jew on sentiment alone.

Special To The Jewish Week

Judaism has never been a system of belief alone. Judaism is enacted faith.

Immediately following the declaration “Shema,” we read about the ways that declaration is carried into the world: teaching children, mezuzah, tzitzit. When a child reaches maturity we do not say he or she has reached the age of belief, but rather the age of action, a son or daughter of mitzvah. To be a mature Jew is to be an acting Jew.

Rabbi David Wolpe

Stop Using The Term BDS

A strategy for fighting the growing brand.

Contributing Editor

Everyone is talking about BDS. Maybe it’s time to stop.

In Las Vegas, top philanthropists convened last weekend to discuss BDS. In Jerusalem, Bibi Netanyahu and his coalition colleagues are decrying it. In New York, Bibi’s foe, Yair Lapid, is raging against it at shul. And in London, where the national students union has just voted to boycott Israel, these three letters are the talk of the Jewish community.

Nathan Jeffay

With Spanish Citizenship Now For Sephardic Jews, Israel Needs To Welcome Bnei Anousim


Somewhere deep in the netherworld, Spanish King Ferdinand and his wife Queen Isabella are most assuredly burning with rage. Over five centuries after the cruel monarchs expelled the country's Jews in 1492, Spain has at last approved a law offering citizenship to their descendants, thereby extending a hand to the millions of people worldwide of Sephardic Jewish ancestry.

Our Children are Children, Too

A response to Randi Weingarten


Predictably, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to grant some relief to parents of nonpublic school children as they struggle to shoulder the costs of tuition has come under attack from public school union leaders, like American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten in this venue recently. (“Supporting Public Education Is A Jewish Value,” online Opinion.)

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